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manolo blahnik, interview with manolo blahnik, shoes Have you noticed that the inflight magazines are just getting better and better? I often take the free inflight magazine with me, and always read them. The latest issue of the Hemispheres magazine (found on Continental Airlines and United flights) features an exclusive and inspiring interview with Manolo Blahnik, the famous shoe designer from Canary Islands, Spain. The interview was done right after his 68th birthday, and he sounds more vibrant and full of energy than most of us half of his age. Malono Blahnik studied literature and art, and to this day he loves books and movies, and still designs every single shoe by hand, and his shoe drawings are as famous as his shoes. On his a trip to New York in 1971, he met with legendary Vogue editor Diana Vreeland, who saw his sketch of a stiletto with straps like green vines and cherries crawling up the ankle and suggested he go make shoes. A year later his shoes were on a fashion show in England, and he states that it took him fifteen years to really understand shoemaking and he is still learning. I think this humble statement tells so much about Manolo Blahnik, and any innovative designer; the attitude of never giving up and always wanting to learn more and do things better. In the interview he was asked how he stays so joyful, and he said “Work. I work more than I did thirty years ago. I feel absolutely responsible for all these people. So if I don’t work hard all these people will suffer.” Truly a sign of a remarkable man. Manolo Blahnik interview, quotes We live in a world where we are surrounded by technology and it gives me such pleasure to know people like Manolo Blahnik exist. He gets his inspiration from old Hollywood movies, and he is surrounded by books in his office. “Films are my life. I adore films. It’s my diet, my nourishment. I get enormous pleasure from them.” At the same time, it frustrates his enormously that today’s people don’t have the same appreciation to old movies, and classic Hollywood glamour. I think we do get a taste of old Hollywood glamour, mixed in new trends and fresh ideas – when we see, touch and wear Manolo Blahnik’s creations. Now I understand a bit better the man behind the shoes, and why the famous shoes make a girl feel like million bucks. Manolo Blahnik shoe drawings, 2011 And if you want to shop for Manolo Blahnik’s shoes, here are some of my favorites…

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