Suitcase Trouble

I officially have a crush on Briggs & Riley luggage. This premier travel luggage brand got me at hello, and especially with “hello, lifetime guarantee”. But read first my problems with most luggage. I come a family that travels a lot. My parents still spend their winters in Spain, my father traveled a lot for business, my aunt was a stewardess ever since the 60’s and experienced the glamour air travel time. I took my first overseas flight out of country without my parents under the age of ten. All of that resulted in a lifestyle of travel and adventure, and no wonder all my three children were born in different countries (within three years). I consider myself a savvy traveler, and I can pack to any trip in less than an hour (for entire family, if the laundry is done). However, I have made a lot of bad decisions when it comes to luggage. My mindset for a long time was that Samsonite and Delsey were the staples for suitcases, Louis Vuitton as carry on. But then came the large family, and then the smaller weight limits on flights, and paying for extra luggage, and with three kids, who can afford Vuitton, right? And to be honest Samsonite and Delsey started disappointing me both in quality (breaking, not easy to pull) and weight. And I got tired still paying for luggage that didn’t deliver it to me. I entered the years of buying “cute luggage that doesn’t last” from Liz Claiborne to Tommy Hilfiger to Benetton. You know, fairly inexpensive suitcases in pretty colors, that came with lots of pockets, matching shoe bags or make up bags. Every single purchase made me excited of the new pretty thing, but ended up in good-byes too soon. I mean, I think a suitcase should last more than a year, even in my use. Broken wheels, cut straps, bursted seams, you name it. However, I ended up loving all the extra pockets and accessories that come with many of this type of bags, and especially love the fact that I was able to point out my suitcase from the belt from a distance. But when my latest “pink love” broke, I just couldn’t bear myself buying yet another suitcase that will last only for a year or so. I started feeling I was polluting the environment with my used suitcases. I was excited when Collective Bias asked me to check out Briggs & Riley luggage, because I for sure was ready for a change and to find a luggage brand that works for me. Stay tuned for my review.

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