Interview with Ellen McGrit of Fast Company
and Bonin Bough of Pepsi at SXSW

Greetings from SXSW conference in Austin, Texas! I had an opportunity to interview Fast Company Magazine’s Senior Innovation Editor Ellen McGrit and Pepsi’s Social Media and Digital Director Bonin Bough in the PepsiCo Plugged-In Stage at the Austin Convention Center during the SXSW Conference, which started last week. We discussed some of the themes that had been popping up during the conference, like how using social media for social good is changing the way we think and use social media and how it impacts in the global well being. Ellen McGrit is the Senior Innovation Editor at Fast Company magazine, she covers a range of business topics, but never stops looking for the writer’s holy grail: The business ideas and the people who are changing the world, and her passion for this really comes through in this interview. Ellen McGrit was a senior writer for Fortune until February 2007 when she joined Fast Company. McGirt has served as a guest correspondent for CNN’s American Morning, and has appeared frequently on Good Morning America, CBS Early Today, NBC Nightly News, CNBC, CNN, and American Public Media, and also a columnist and editor-at-large for Money. PepsiCo’s Global Director of Digital and Social Media Bonin Bough leads PepsiCo’s global digital charge. Bough has been instrumental in integrating social media and online conversation into PepsiCo’s overall corporate vision and for each of the company’s mega brands, engaging consumers online and tracking behaviors and trends to better inform PepsiCo and brand programs. Bough has architected the company’s leading presence at gatekeeper digital media events, including SXSW, BlogHer and launched what is one of my favorite campaigns; the “Dear Mr. President” viral campaign, among many others. In addition to his work at PepsiCo, Bough co-authored the book, “Perspectives on Social Media Marketing” which addresses some of the most compelling and important issues in social media marketing. Previous to his work with PepsiCo, Bough was Executive Vice President and Director of the global interactive, social and emerging media practice at the leading public relations firm, Weber Shandwick. Please join us in our effort to raise funds for American Red Cross to help the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan. Donate now.

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