Interview with Mandy Moore of Disney’s Tangled

Tangled is one of our family’s favorite movies on DVD right now. It is the iconic story of Rapunzel with new twists and it is not just for the girls, even the boys in our family enjoyed the movie. Mandy Moore gives her beautiful voice for Rapunzel and we had a change to catch up with her and hear what she had to say about becoming a Disney character. Did you want to be a princess when you were younger? Mandy Moore: I did! I think it’s every young girl’s dream to be a Disney princess. I didn’t necessarily want to be the princess with a big dress and a wand, but I definitely wanted a nice tiara like The Little Mermaid. I really wanted to be the mermaid princess. How similar are you to Rapunzel? Mandy Moore: I’d like to think that I’m pretty similar to Rapunzel. I think she’s got a great sense of adventure and she likes to see the good in people. She’s also very curious about the world. I can definitely relate to her in all these ways. I don’t know if I’m as brave as Rapunzel – but I’m really into martial arts. I’m not a martial arts expert or anything, but I’m a huge fan. Rapunzel is pretty handy with a frying pan in the movie, so she can clearly take care of herself. Can you take care of yourself? Mandy Moore: No, but I wish I could. That’s why I think I’m so interested in martial arts. I’m curious to see if I can pick up any tricks along the way. How does it feel to be the newest Disney princess? Mandy Moore: It feels very cool. I especially like the idea that this movie will live forever. One day, I’ll be able to show my own family, “Look what I got to be a part of.” It’s the ultimate childhood dream. What’s your favorite song in the film? Mandy Moore: My favorite song is the duet I get to sing with Zachary Levi (who voices Flynn). We got to record the song together, which was a lot of fun. I was blown away by Zach’s voice because I had no idea he could sing. I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this is going to be amazing.’ Did you always want to be an actress when you were younger? Mandy Moore: I think I wanted to be an actor and a singer ever since I was six years old, so I was in lots of school plays and things like that. I appeared in plays like The Christmas Carol, Gypsy and Bye Bye Birdie – but I didn’t always get the lead role. Did that bother you? Mandy Moore: No, it didn’t bother me. I was just excited to be included, especially because I was doing the plays with a lot of my friends. All I wanted was to be around my friends and to be in good company. What advice would you give to youngsters who want to take up a career in acting? Mandy Moore: If you want to become an actor, you have to understand that a lot of disappointment comes along with this job – but you can’t take it personally. Even to this day, I still get disappointed when I audition for something and I really want it, but it doesn’t end up going my way. What’s the best way to handle rejection? Mandy Moore: You just have to learn something positive from the experience. You have to think to yourself, ‘What can I do differently next time?’ Or maybe you weren’t doing anything wrong, but it just wasn’t the right opportunity. There’s always a next time! Is it important not to take rejection personally? Mandy Moore: It is very important! You have to find a way to not take it personally and not let it deter you from doing the thing that you love. How would you inspire today’s youth ? Mandy Moore: The only thing I can say is, “Be yourself.” You shouldn’t have to change for anyone to be their friends. Just continue to be yourself, no matter what.

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