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Living in a 12×12 foot cinder block room with a complete stranger, showers so dirty you feel it necessary to wear shoes, and stomaching unidentifiable food. No, this isn’t jail… it’s the best time of many people’s lives, college. Thankfully, this year I won’t have to deal with any of the things previously mentioned. Starting in August, I will be living in an apartment with two close friends. Which means, finally a place to call “home” and not “dorm”. However, the most exciting part about living in an apartment isn’t the freedom of no RA, the independence, or having much more space than last year to call my own. It’s decorating of course! This year I don’t have just a tiny dorm room to design, but an entire apartment. Macy's dorm shopping, college shopping The first thing I always am drawn to when trying to decorate a bedroom is the bedding. I feel that an entire bedroom is centered on what’s on the bed so it has to be perfect. I needed to find the perfect comforter so I checked out Macy’s home department and it turns out they have an entire section dedicated to College Lifestyle. The collection that caught my eye was the Tommy Hilfiger Sand Hill comforter set. This delicate pink floral print is simple but still creates a statement in the room. Macy's dorm shopping, college lifestyle Along with the comforter comes the matching sheet set. On the Macy’s website there is a direct link to the matching Sand Hill striped sheets. They are blue and pink striped with a white and pink trim to match perfectly with the comforter. They also offer various other sheets to go along with the other comforters. I actually used these exact sheets last year (in the palm tree print) and they were comfortable, cute and high quality. The important thing about ordering sheets for a dorm room is that they must be twin XL. Not all brands offer the XL option and are very hard to find at other places. Yet, Macy’s made it easy with every sheet in the college section being offered in twin XL. College shopping, dorm decorating tips Although I am living in a larger space now, I by no means would consider it spacious. In the apartment there is not a lot of room for storage which brought me to a dilemma. I have a lot of stuff but nowhere to put it! I despise those ugly plastic storage units so I was elated when I found these rattan-like storage baskets. They are cute and look decorative yet very functional. I used baskets like these in my dorm last year and they were extremely convenient for storage. Keurig for dorm, dorm decorating For the kitchen a Keurig is a necessity. A Keurig coffee maker brews one cup of coffee in under two minutes. I learned the hard way last year that buying a coffee every morning truly does add up, which is why a Keurig is a great purchase. It is quick, easy, and can brew various kinds of coffee instantly. And the best part is, it’s small enough to fit in even the smallest of dorm rooms. I personally like it in the red, just to add a little pop of color to usually bland appliances. And finally, in order to make an empty dorm (or apartment) truly feel like home, I was on the search for decorative picture frames. I find that the easiest way to fit in pictures of all the people you love is to find a frame that can store multiple pictures. In the Macy’s College Lifestyle department I found this frame that stores 4 separate pictures. It comes in many colors but I chose the pink to match my bedding. Furnishing a dorm or apartment can be a hassle, but I found that the Macy’s College Lifestyle section made it simple and not to mention offers great prices. I always look forward to back to school shopping and Macy’s just made it a little more enjoyable. I definitely suggest looking there to start your dorm or apartment shopping, or any shopping for that matter! Check out the different locations nationwide for special Macy’s College Lifestyle shopping events and how you can save 10% or get a 10$ gift card at Macy’s. Disclosure: I received a Macy’s gift card but my opinions are my own.

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