Orange You Glad It’s Back? Summer Fashion that pops!

July 1, 2011 Carli Halper

Orange You Glad It’s Back? Summer Fashion that pops!

Usually associated with Halloween, a fake tan, or the citrus fruit, the color orange has made a major comeback in my closet this season. Truthfully, I used to be somewhat scared of wearing this vivid shade thinking it would make me look like, well, a giant orange. But with the recent abundance of orange in stores this season, the formerly avoided color seems to have crept into my wardrobe. After finally figuring out how to wear orange and not having orange wear me, I asked myself, what was I scared of in the first place? I realized orange can be flattering on pretty much every skin tone (unless your skin is orange, which is really just a problem in itself) and can be worn in various color combinations. Pairing orange and white, jean, khaki and even navy I found to be extremely flattering and not overwhelmingly orange. My personal favorite is pairing my orange shorts with a chambray (a jean-type material) shirt. This jean-on-top look creates an unexpected take on a traditional color combo. The only color combination I try to avoid is the orange/black combination. I find it can start to look a little too much like Halloween for my taste. Here are some examples of some orange clothes that I love. , ,

Carli Halper

Carli Halper is currently a college student studying at the University of Delaware. She is majoring in communications and is a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. She likes to think of herself as the average college girl that loves to shop. Her other interests include the beach, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

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