How to Dress Up a White Hanes Tee

In a world where shirts are as sparkly as jewelry, tops are pieced together with more than one fabric, and some patterns worn could stop traffic, everyone seems to have forgotten about the classic white t-shirt. You know, the little white t-shirt hidden at the bottom of your drawer? The one that you only wear when you feel you don’t have to look cute that day? Well, pull that little white t-shirt out of your drawer because not only is it comfortable but it is also a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. White t-shirts can be dressed up in many ways that are already in your closet. A personal favorite white t-shirt of mine is the Hanes Tagless V-Neck t-shirt. It is cute, inexpensive, and not so mention super comfortable. The Hanes v-neck can be transformed to fit any look you want. This first look features a white t-shirt worn with simple dark wash jeans. The patterned scarf adds a pop of color that makes the outfit a little more eye catching. Since the scarf is pretty powerful, the accessories can be more neutral. A simple watch and gold studs keep the outfit perfect for everyday use with a little pop of color in the ring to accent the scarf. Finally, chunky heel adds some sophistication finished off with a casual crossbody bag. This outfit is great for casual events and just for everyday wear. The next look contains the same white v-neck shirt with a slimming black pencil skirt. By adding the belt to the pencil skirt it creates a distinct divide between the shirt and skirt while adding visual interest and defining a waist. To make a statement with this simple outfit, a red pump is shown to add a little bit of color. Since the outfit is pretty simple, a chunky neutral necklace is perfect without making the outfit look too over accessorized. The look is finished off with a simple black tote, studs, and a matching watch. Even though the top is just a t-shirt, this outfit is perfect for work or a professional setting. The final look features not the white v-neck t-shirt, but a simple white tank top. Paired with the tank is an interesting pair of grey bow shorts. Since the top is so simple, pairing it with an unusual pair of shorts really makes the shorts the focus of the outfit. Adding a chunky long necklace adds a little sparkle to the otherwise plain top half of the outfit. The accessories are simple, with metallic gladiators, silver studs, and a clear watch. Adding a red handbag adds the color needed to complete this outfit. This look is easy to put together and so simple for summer style. Even though a white t-shirt may seem boring, think of all the ways you can dress it up to make it your own. The options are endless and with the right accessories, it can be right for just about any occasion. Disclosure: I received Hanes t-shirt to review, but I have been already using them for years, and all of my opinions are my own.

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