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Sofia Vergara Kmart Clothing Collection

Sofia Vergara is everywhere!

Sofia Vergara is the cover girl of September issue of Redbook magazine, and she is in the Smurf movie, which just came out last week. And we all, of course, love her bubbly role in the ABC’s Modern Family. In addition to this – her first clothing line will debut in Kmart soon, and she is the new face for CoverGirl, and will start appearing in CoverGirl’s ads starting in January 2012. She truly is a woman who lives life to the fullest and is taking her success to the next level and making all of her dreams come true!

Sofia Vergara Kmart Clothing Collection

Sofia Vergara’s clothing line will be in Kmarts starting in late August and early September, and the line is casual, great for fun evenings out with your friends, and it includes dresses, skirts, jeggings, oversize tops, tanks and jeans. Sofia Vergara suggested a pair of her Kmart leggings, and with something fairly high end, perhaps a designer jacket in an interview with WWD and said about the collection:
It’s comfortable and chic, affordable, and versatile to wear from day to the night. It’s fantastic because you can mix and match.
See it yourself – here are pictures of Sofia wearing clothing from her collection at Kmart. The clothing line is priced for Kmart; the most expensive jackets are $59.99 and handbags run for $14.99 to $29.99; dresses $29.99 to $36.99, jewelry under $19.99. Affordable, and very wearable. Sofia Vergara Kmart photos Sofia Vergara Kmart clothing collection photos Sofia Vergara for Kmart, Sears, fashion, Sears style Sofia Vergara Kmart Clothing Collection Sofia Vergara Kmart But who Sofia Vergara really is? And will Kmart-shoppers be able to relate to her, after all she is one of most successful Latino actresses? She says she is just like her television character in the Modern Family, in the Redbook magazine’s interview Sofia Vergara says that she really relates to her television character:
I think I’m the most similar. I’m Latin, I have an accent, I have a kid from a previous marriage, and I’m Columbian. Julie is a lot like Claire; she’s very into doing things perfectly. She’s neurotic, in a good way. I think she and I get along so well because we’re very different. They don’t have to alter anything she puts on because she’s superfit. Everything I try on is hours of alterations. There’s no competition of any kind, which is what happens sometimes with women. Rico [Rodriguez], who plays my son, says he’s not at all like Manny, but we all think he is; he’s an old soul. Eric [Stonestreet] plays a gay guy and he’s not gay, so that’s the most different. But the rest of us, we’re very similar. Ty [Burrell] is exactly Phil.
My conclusion is that she is someone who works hard to make her dreams come true, and I can’t but admire Sofia Vergara. Here is she in in a Missoni dress and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry in the Smufts premier in July 24th, 2011 in New York, looking as fabulous as always. Sofia Vergara Smurfs Photos: Kmart, CoverGirl, Getty, Redbook

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