20 Tips for Moms How to Survive When Your Kid is in the School

It’s back to school time, and everyone is talking about the kids, shopping for the kids and prepping the kids. What about moms? Moms need support too! I wrote this a few years ago… and tips are old too, but worth reading if you are just now entering this stage in your life! I still remember it like it was yesterday. Excited about Kindergarten, and the new backpack. Anxious to start the new era in my life I was entering. Looking brave outside and saying to myself I was a big girl, I can handle it. Inside I was so scared and didn’t want to let go the hand I was holding. Saying goodbyes at the classroom door and fighting against tears. And not being able to fight the tears anymore when I walked out of the school house holding my husband’s hand and leaving my youngest child inside to start his first day at school. I don’t think most people understand what an emotional time it is to moms to send your kid to school for the first time (until it hits you). My oldest one is starting middle school, and I have probably more anxieties about it than she does. Whether your kid is entering pre-school, Kindergarten, new school, or even college – it’s stressful time, that’s for sure. And there is money to think about (all those supplies, clothes, sports gear and laptops!), and day to day schedule too. And all the stress – and you are not really allowed to stress because you have to be there to support your child. I get it. If you are like me, and you have been a stay/work-at-home-mom, your kid entering the school will be a life changing thing. It’s thrilling to have days to all to yourself (I was able to work full time from home), and at the same time it can be very lonely after being used to the laughter and fun craziness of having your child home. If your oldest one is entering school, but you still have younger ones at home, the car pool will change the nap schedules and everything else. Here are some tips for stay-at-home-moms whose kids are now all in school and you suddenly realize that your life has completely changed or about to change.

20 Tips for Moms How to Survive When Your Kid is Entering the School

1. Start a new hobby. 2. Join a gym. 3. Start organizing the vacation photos and making scrapbooks. 4. Learn to craft and start making Christmas gifts. 5. Read more books. 6. Renovate the house. Remodeling is fun, and you can even take classes at Home Depot how to do things yourself – or working with a skilled interior designer is fun too. 7. Start gardening. 8. If you don’t have a garden, get a window box of herbs. 9. Get more into cooking – take a cake decorating class or classes how to cook Thai-food. 10. Get more active at your church. 11. Volunteer at your child’s school. 12. Volunteer at the local animal shelter. 13. Get a pet. 14. Start a home based business. 15. Get a (part-time) job. 16. Have another baby and if possible, have your husband to come home for long lunches and some afternoon delight. 17. Join with other moms, who have the same situation, online and offline. 18. Enjoy the child-free-shopping-sprees and lunches. 19. Re-connect with the friends who do not have children, and have lunch with them in the business district. 20. Think about YOURSELF. You are a great mother, and your child is growing up. Let yourself think what YOU want, and focus on your needs for a while. In the school of life, this is a big step for you too, and a lot of learning is ahead – make sure to listen to yourself so you don’t miss a great class.

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