8 Ways High Achievers Can Find Life Balance

Far too many of us spend 100% of our time on only 10% of who we are today, and can be tomorrow, says Sheri Riley, founder and Chief Partnership Strategist of GLUE, Inc. and creator of the Exponential Living program. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many of us use nearly 18 hour a day for work, commute, eating, watching TV and spending time on internet and it’s pretty evident, we spend more time on the daily grind than in living life to the fullest. Especially for high achievers, there isn’t a problem understanding HOW to get things done but rather there are challenges balancing it all. So many successful people spend the majority of their time on one area of their life where they excel, but perpetually feel unfulfilled says Sheri Riley, and I can see where she is coming from. Sheri Riley says
Often, high achievers are limited by their success because they are only living in the accomplishments in one area of their lives. They have achieved or have the drive to achieve high levels of professional success but are not truly fulfilled with their lives overall. Or, they have reached their career goals but now know there are other facets of life they want to pursue but don’t know what/how/why/when. Exponential Living gives such high achievers the power of being true to themselves and achieving a balance between work, family, friends, healthy living, and spiritual commitment to manifest a life that is genuinely complete and content.
Riley offers 8 methods to help high achievers tap into the other 90% of who they are, beyond what they do, and realize greater life balance, joy and fulfillment in kind:

Healthy Living isn’t just a New Diet!

There is more to living healthy lifestyle than what food you eat, or what physical exercises you do. Other lifestyle decisions, such as those related to marriage, parenting, and friendships, all factor into one’s healthy sense of self. Healthy living requires being true to yourself and being truly present when you’re with loved ones. Healthy living is also a frame of mind. If your thoughts are self-destructive, this negativity will manifest itself in your body through stress, anxiety and other adverse physical conditions, and can undermine your personal and professional relationships with others.

Peace and a Positive Mind: Your Defender in the Face of Distractions

Distractions and stress can pull you away from your life goals each and every time you allow it. Your thoughts are the training ground for your overall disposition and perspective on life. Many accomplished people never pause to revel in or acknowledge their success, but they are constantly striving for what’s next. You will run into a risk that your existence will be likened to a hamster running in an endless circle, never at peace and never at a point of rest. Finding your inner peace is the key, and giving yourself credit for work well done is a must.

The Importance of Having a Giving Heart and Spirit

Many very successful people believe that giving back is directly tied to their continued success. Paying it forward not only creates more opportunities for you to provide for others, but doing so allows more opportunities for your continued success to manifest in your life, and others: what impacts one impacts us all. Achievement and accomplishments come from the work of our hands and minds, but true success and fulfillment comes from doing good. Not just donating your time through charitable work or financial donations, but also allocating precious time to family and friends. Being present and accessible to loved ones is the ultimate gift for others…and yourself.

Live in Your P.O.W.E.R

High achievers should strive to tap into their personal P.O.W.E.R., which is Perspective, Ownership, Wisdom, Engagement, and Reward. Perspective cultivates recognition of what is draining your life and what is enriching your life. This leads to Ownership of your relationship with yourself and with others. It allows you to establish your personal boundaries and define what and where you are to give of yourself and your time. This understanding of your own truth is a major component of Wisdom, which is gained from how you implement your life experiences into your life and evolve your thinking and decisions through expanding your knowledge and good judgment. This enlightenment brings consistent Engagement in the quality of your life. Your desire, energy, and personal encouragement will motivate you to commit yourself to stop spending 100% of your time on 10% of who you are – this is your Reward.

Stop Working So You Can Maximize your Opportunities

When you are constantly working, you seldom recognize your achievements. Without taking these moments to recognize your accomplishments, you are constantly stretching for what’s next and never appreciating and enjoying what you have completed. This cycle often leads to burn out, health issues, personal relationship issues, and low self esteem. And, many times, it does not have a clearly defined end of moment of victory. When you change your mindset from working to maximizing opportunities, you reposition your thought process and how you approach your life. You are able to separate your work from other areas of your life because maximizing the opportunity has a beginning and an end. You are quicker to recognize when to end or remove your self because you understand what you are spending your time on is meant to be an opportunity not a burden you spend time on with out benefit or value.

Happiness is a Choice; Contentment and Joy are Lifestyles

When you truly desire to live a life that is fulfilled in all areas, you are destined to have more to do than you have the time. When you have so much success, opportunity, potential, clients, projects, options, prosperity that you can’t handle or manage everything, you will easily become overwhelmed. Acknowledge that the struggles are never to defeat you but to make you stronger and uncover your true power and surrender and find peace living in the overflow, joy and abundance of being overwhelmed. I see it almost like “you asked for it – you got it” and thus you should be thankful for the overflow you are getting in life. Just make sure to choose the things that truly make you happy and learn to say no for the things that burden you.

Building Lasting Confidence

Believe it or not, whatever you want is available to you if you have the confidence and belief that you can have it and that you deserve it. This does not mean confidence in our degrees, our knowledge, job titles, position, social status, etc. Instead, it is about having a pure and honest confidence in the person you are. True confidence should come from a life well lived and enjoyed… not the proverbial feathers in your cap.

The Courage to be Faithful

Stepping out of your fears and into your greatness requires great courage. Sometimes we are so busy with the work of life that we don’t sit still and take the time to listen to our heart. Being courageous means not allowing life to steal, kill, or destroy your dreams, hopes, aspirations, and plans but living in the now, the moment, the presence of your power to receive life, and the fullness of all life has to offer and even more abundantly. It takes courage to be honest with yourself, acknowledge your personal truth, and be present in your quest to live that truth. The easiest thing for high achievers to do is be successful. But living in the fullness of who they are – and want to be while also maintaining their success takes true grit.

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