Gracious Me: Are You A Risk Taker?

Are you a game person? Me, not so much. However, I married into a game playing family and have learned to embrace “game night,” rather than looking busy with the dishes. What I’ve learned about the world of game playing is that there is a game about everything and for everyone. Some games mimic life while others take us to far off places. There is one game in particular that intrigues me, one that can be played both around the dining room table and the real world. The name of the game? Risk. So often this game knocks on my office door. Not the board game, but the opportunity. Sometimes it’s a simple task that moves me barely outside of my comfort zone and other time feels more like a cross between Twister and Battleship. As TS Eliot said, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” When we take risks we push ourselves, sometimes to what feels like the brink. At that point we are able to see our strengths and weaknesses. With risk comes reward and side effects… side effects that can read like that of a prescription drug bottle: may cause nausea, sleep deprivation, mood swings and a desire to eat everything in sight. No matter, at the end of it all we are always better to have taken the leap. When risk presents itself to you, do you shy away afraid of what might happen? Or, do you embrace it to see what you might learn and say “Game ON!” Gracious Me, gracious lifestyle column by etiquette Expert Mindy Lockard

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