Overseas Assigment? Expat Living? Would You Do It?

We have talked with so many people about our move from New York to Sweden, and at least 75% of the people say they’d leave in a heartbeat if they had a possibility to move to another country to experience a new culture for a short period of the time. And yet, at least 75% of the people who have ever gotten a job offer in a new country or have had the possibility to move, didn’t go. (The percentages are from me, with no scientific research behind them, just my estimate after talking with many people). I just published a Facebook poll for Skimbaco readers asking “Would you ever consider an overseas assignment / expat living / moving to a new country for a limited time?” Please go and add your own answer or comment in this blog post if you would ever consider moving to a different country and what kind of questions or reservations you may have. I want to hear from you! Did you know that one of the reasons I started working online and the entire Skimbaco blog network exists is because our family has been moving around in Europe and the US since 1997 because of my husband’s job? I needed to build something for me, something permanent, even if we moved because of my husband’s career in aviation. I’ve worked online since 2005, and I started Skimbaco in 2006, and the blog in 2007. During the blog years we have lived in the mountains of Colorado and close to New York City, and now just moved to Sweden. Our three children were born in three countries, within three years and all have dual-nationalities. Working online has been my solution for making this nomadic / expat lifestyle to work for my career as well. Nothing in life is easy, future is always unknown, and you will never regret things as much as the missed opportunities, and thus our only way to live life is Skimbaco lifestyle: to enjoy every moment of it, take every opportunity to do something new and live life to the fullest. But even we do a lot of research and planning before we jump to new things. That’s why I would like to help you to make your possible next move much easier and tell about all of our mistakes, successes and what we have learned on the way. Stay tuned for more posts about expat living, relocation packages and how to actually make it all happen, and the bottom line: why we absolutely love it.

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