Live a Little: Do and Be Your Best

Live a Little: Be the Best You Can

The Mondays’ Live a Little series is to inspire you to take small steps to live life to the fullest, yet today’s tip “be the best you can” may sound like I am urging you to be more competitive, or it may sound like it adds stress to your day. Let me explain, and I guarantee that living life in a way where you try to do the best you can can be very fulfilling and make you happier than the life where you are just trying to take the easy way out. I think if we do things only halfway right, we live only halfway. We never get the feeling of accomplishment, validation or success if we always take shortcuts and choose the easiest way to do things. Think of having a cake for example. You have many options: you can buy a cake, you can make it from a box, or you can make a semi-home made by adding ingredients to a boxed cake mix, or you can do your best to make it from the scratch. If you are an experienced baker, you know the one you made from the scratch will taste the best, but if you are not an experienced baker, you know you might fail to make a cake at all. But when you give baking a cake a try, do your very best to follow the instructions, and you make it, it WILL be the best damn cake you’ve ever had because you put your soul and heart to it. You will feel ownership, you will feel proud you did it. Nothing annoys me more than people who don’t do their job well. And especially if the job is easy, and yet most often people don’t do their best when the task is easy. When something is easy or doesn’t take much time to redo, many tend to think “I can always redo it” and that small things don’t matter. But if you can’t do even small things well, how can anyone ever trust you to do bigger things well? I amazes me how little pride some people take in what they do, and how rarely some people really do their best. However, by doing your best you will experience success, you will take steps to better things, you will experience the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. YOU will feel like a success when you do your best, even if nobody else knows about it, and that confidence will make you happier. It’s very closely tied into integrity – are you your best also when nobody is looking?

Live a Little

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