Get it on iTunes: Free Linkin Park & Lotus F1 iPad App “Linkin Park GP”

This is way cool. You can download a free app called Linkin Park GP on iTunes for your iPad starting today. It’s a game that unites rock music and high octane Formula 1 racing. The game is created together with Linkin Park and Lotus F1 Team to promote Linkin Park’s European Tour kick-off, their new album Living Things coming out on 26th June – and the F1 Monaco Grand Prix taking place in Monaco this weekend. I have to say, I’m completely blown away how Lotus F1 team is marketing their team in a completely new way reaching new audiences with brands that you typically don’t think as F1 “worthy” – like with Angry Birds and announcing the limited edition Angry Birds Lotus game. F1 is elite racing sports, and typically the sponsors are luxury brands. But Lotus F1 team is mixing it up with some very cool partnerships this year, one of them is with Linkin Park for the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix. This also brings Formula 1 to the masses and introduces this amazing racing sport to new audience. I hope you get excited about Formula 1 too – I’ve been a fan since Ayrton Senna.

Linkin Park GP app

The Linkin Park GP app eatures Linkin Park’s latest hit single ‘Burn it Down’ and Lotus F1 Team’s stunning E20 car. The app is made with direct input from the band, Linkin Park GP is said to be a one of a kind driving, graphical and musical experience. The app is available on iTunes as a free download from today, Thursday 24th May 2012. Good luck for our favorite driver Kimi Räikkönen for this week’s Monaco Grand Prix.

And why I love this..

Some fun old pictures to share just for the kicks :) Just you know, you see why I am so excited to share this app even though I don’t even have an iPad (I know, must get one). I really am a Linkin Park & Formula 1 fan, and also love Monaco. Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park and me at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas in 2008. The Formula 1 experience in Singapore in 2011 (thanks to SingTel in Singapore for giving me a ticket!) was amazing. And last but not least… Monaco has always been my dream place to see Formula 1 race, and last year promised my girls to take them there after seeing the Selena Gomez movie with the same name. The Monaco Grand Prix is still in my dreams one year, but I DID go to Monaco this spring to check out where the Monaco Grand Prix is held and walked on the very streets where they race.

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