Be Brave and Break the Rules

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if you break the rules after reading this post and have some unwanted consequences. However, if something awesome happens, and you feel happiness, and that you are living life to the fullest, I will gladly take the credit for it. Every week a small group of bloggers join together to bring you ideas how to Live a Little (join us!), and this week I am encouraging you to break the rules. While rules are good, and they are made for reason, and in general I am a good girl, it’s still those rule-breaking moments in my life when I’ve had the time of my life. Whether it’s feeling brave or adventurous, or doing something completely out of your character, breaking the rules can be ah-so-refreshing. Don’t break the law, and don’t break the office rules, not even the ones you have in your marriage. But think of some other stupid rules like when to wear white and when not, how to set up a table, when to call back after first date.. You know, those stupid rules.

Ideas How to Break the Rules

Smuggle wine to movies with your girlfriends. (done) Walk in an water fountain like in the movie La Dolce Vita. (done) Don’t order dinner, but every dessert in the menu. (done) Wear the vintage shoes/jacket/hat that is so out of style but you love. (done) Steal all of the hotel soaps so you can remember the vacation later on. (done) Take your kids out of school for one day just to do something fun with them. (done)

Your turn…

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