Destination Unknown, Baby on Board

It’s not so long ago I wrote about following your own path and dreams and jumping out of the nine-to-five leaving everything you know behind. And guess what happened shortly after? I got a job. A real nine-to-five office job that I truly enjoyed. Although let’s just say that the terms “nine-to-five” and “office” are bit flexible in this case. And a year after that? We were fortunate enough for our family of two to became a family of three. Feet of a newborn baby So needless to say, for some time now there has been no more traveling around the world with my kayak or skis on a day’s notice. Or having a slow and pleasant Monday morning with a cup of tea, surfing my favourite blogs and news sites on my own terms. Although there have been the very rare cases when I get up at 6am full of energy, while rest of the family sleeps. However, I am still traveling. A lot. Both for work and for pleasure. And I am doing all the things I love whether it is kayaking, skiing, hiking, biking or just enjoying a lazy day in town. In other words I found a job that suits my lifestyle but gives me the challenge that I was looking for professionally, in a location I have always wanted to live in. And the little one has fitted this nomadic lifestyle without a hitch. Kayak Trip with a Baby In a way the time I took off to enjoy myself and to test my limits in other areas gave me the chance to reflect where I wanted to go next in my career and life, an insight I might have not gained if I had not jumped out of the ordinary. I don’t think that things happen by accident or by chance if we just sit and wait. Looking back, it is funny how it seems like the other interesting “almost got it” job opportunities in Swizerland, Finland and the UK lead to this one. How I learned something new from each one of them that I was able to use to get the job I got. And how this last job just was so perfect. The location in the Norwegian mountains was right. The travel industry was right. The job was right. Views of Gjendesheim in Norway So did chance or destiny or whatever you want to call it play a part in this? For sure. But it also did take some time, effort, lot of dreaming and working towards those dreams to get to this point. Hence all I can say is dream on and keep working to make those dreams true. Mine came true, so why not yours? Currently I am on a maternity leave for another few months and making the most of it by traveling here in Europe, usually with our little one. So even though our feet are firmly planted in the Norwegian soil the final, or even next month’s destination is pleasantly unknown. I am very happy to be back here at Skimbaco sharing and reliving some of these adventures with you, and I also look forward to hearing what you other travelers, mothers or fathers have to share! Stay tuned for more travel posts from our travel writers! Subscribe to Skimbaco Travel via email and never miss a good travel story.

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