I love books and I can not lie

I come from a home where we always had books. My parents have a huge library, and the books cover the walls of their living room and office from floor to ceiling. I’ve always loved and had books, but books don’t fit our lifestyle of moving every couple of years. Books are so heavy and expensive to move, and our book collection hasn’t grown over the years – but it has gone to minimal, and it aches my hard thinking we’ve lost our books over the years. Unfortunately one of my solutions for not collecting books was to stop reading, and I’ve had such a love affair with books that for long I almost felt that electronic versions were cheating. Ha, I used to think the same of paperbacks, and only bought nice hardcovers. But I’ve upgraded myself to this century and now realize that Kindle is actually awesome and I don’t need the beautiful book walls like my parents have. But I do need to continue reading.

Live a little: read a book

So today.. I encourage you to live a little and read a book and let it take you to a different world, let it inspire you, let it make you think. Let the book make you cry, make you laugh or make you take action. The two books I read recently were The Charge by Brendon Burchard (I highly recommend it, and please read my review and how the book inspired me), and Little Bee by Chris Cleave, and I highly recommend both. If you would like to have more book recommendations what to read, check out The Review Broads and Great Thoughts for book reviews.

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