Introducing a new feature: Global Kitchen

Global Kitchen sends culinary postcards from around the world

We are slowly building new features to our editorial calendar as our online magazine grows. The newest addition: Global Kitchen – culinary postcards from around the world. We kicked the feature off yesterday. In the Global Kitchen we highlight a (travel) location and a recipe from there – it’s all about culinary travel and local foods from around the world. It can be a recipe from our travels with a travel story or a guest post by a blogger from somewhere around the world posting her favorite local dish. Food and cooking at home is a great way to experience a new culture even without leaving the house, like Satu mentioned in her this week’s post of ways to travel the world from home. Currently we are hoping to bring Global Kitchen to you twice a month, and hopefully soon once a week. We are looking for guest posters to the feature as well. If you have a local dish, or a recipe you found from your travels, we’d love to hear from you. Would you like to send a culinary postcard? What is your local recipe you’d like to share? Do you have a recipe you learned from your travels? We are looking forward featuring guest bloggers on our Global Kitchen feature. Please email us and apply to be a guest poster for Global Kitchen, we’d love to hear from you! Never miss a food post – subscribe to our food newsletter going out once a week.

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