Travel Insight: Ghost Lovers Will Love These Three Historic Hotels

October 17, 2012 Leigh Powell Hines

Travel Insight: Ghost Lovers Will Love These Three Historic Hotels

I love black cats and pumpkins, but I’m a big scaredy-cat when it comes to ghosts. Since this is the season for spooky tales and pumpkins, I’ve been in touch with some of my favorite hotels asking them about possible supernatural guests. And boy, did they give me a big BOO! I learned that three historic hotels in which I’ve been a guest are rumored to be haunted. I’m happy to say that my stay in these properties were quite normal, but some guests can’t say the same.

The Carolina Inn

The stately Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, voted one of America’s Top 10 Haunted Hotels by, invites guests to spend an evening with its longtime resident ghost, Dr. William Jacocks. A friendly spirit, he enjoys playing practical jokes on those who stay in what was once Dr. Jacocks’ permanent home, room 256. Staff told me that Dr. Jacocks is very friendly and only bothers guests who complain. Hmm! Imagine that! He loves to rumple the bath mat or lock guests out of their room. The Inn is offering the room with a Boo! Package that starts at $480 per night and features overnight accommodations for two in room 256, dinner for two (set for three) at the award-winning Carolina Crossroads Restaurant, a biography of Dr. Jacocks and a complimentary copy of “A History of The Carolina Inn” signed by author Dr. Ken Zogry. Book online at, or call 800-962-8519.

The Homestead

The Homestead, this grand mountain resort established in 1766, in Hot Springs, Virginia, is apparently also home to a jilted bride who so politely wants to know the time. Several staff members have reported seeing a woman dressed formally in attire from the 1800s, and she asks them for the time. She thanks them politely then continues on her way. Rumor has it that in the early 1900s, her groom got cold feet, left his fiancé in her room on the 14th floor, and told her that he would be back at a certain time. Unfortunately, he never returned. She later took her own life and still comes to the hotel with hope that her true love will return. The Homestead has a bed-and-breakfast package available starting at $219 per room. You may want to ask for the 14th floor. Oh, and be sure to wear a watch!

The Grove Park Inn

The Grove Park Inn, a historic mountain estate in Asheville, North Carolina, has a very famous guest known as The Pink Lady who lives within the hotel’s granite walls. This gentle and beautiful guest fell to her death in the atrium area in the 1920s, and she continues to stay at the hotel, particularly in room 545. The hotel sent me this photo from a guest. You be the judge. I’ve looked at it several times, and I see a woman. Those who have seen the Pink Lady say she is like a cloud of pink dust/smoke. Next year, the Inn will turn 100, and the Grove Park Inn is celebrating with Centennial Packages that include two nights at the Inn, spa passes, breakfast, and the honor of being part of a special time capsule. Rates start at $413 depending on the season. Check this out! Also in 2013, The Inn has a Spoil Me Rotten package; you can stay in the same presidential suite that President Obama and the First Lady stayed in during a 2010 visit. Wonder if they saw the Pink Lady? This once-in-a-lifetime package can be yours for $25,000. You do get a $3,000 shopping gift card and other amazing experiences and perks. Who knows? You may even get dinner with the Pink Lady. If you are looking for more hotel ghost stories, you will enjoy viewing Historic Hotels of America. Photos: Martha Stewart, The Carolina Inn, The Grove Park Inn, The Homestead luxury travel, East Coast travel, resorts & hotels, travel industry news, Southern travel, luxury travel blogger SUBSCRIBE TO SKIMBACO TRAVEL, travel newsletter delivered to you once a week. , , , , , , ,

Leigh Powell Hines

Leigh Powell Hines, a former TV Journalist/Communications Executive, combined motherhood and her journalism experience and started The Hines-Sight Blog to inspire parents to pack their bags for family travels in and around North Carolina, where she resides. Leigh knows the best in family travel, but as a parent in her mid-forties, she seeks out restaurants and hotels that adults can enjoy, too. Luxury hotels are Leigh’s passion, and she is ready to travel the world, one luxury hotel at a time. Connect with Leigh on Twitter @Hinessightblog, Facebook and check out Hines-Sight Blog on Pinterest.

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  1. Satu Vänskä-Westgarth

    I get scared even when I think of this kind of stuff! I don’t think I could stay in the rooms that are said to be haunted… :) Other than that, those properties look beautiful!

  2. You know this is right up my alley. I love ghosts and ghost stories and Halloween. I stayed at The Grove Park Inn a few years ago for a work conference. We stayed in the rooms off of the atrium area. Luckily we didn’t get the haunted room, but for a while there we weren’t sure since we had to look up to see what room it was. We had a great time though and the property is GORGEOUS. Had my husband been with me or had we been sharing rooms, I wouldn’t have minded the haunted room, but I’m not keen on seeing anything by myself.

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