The mixed cultural background of the Toblerone Danish

It would be so simple if I could tell you a story about skiing in the Alps in co-injunctions of the Toblerone pastry recipe, now wouldn’t it? But I admit, I’ve never skied in Switzerland, and there is no such story to accompany this Global Kitchen recipe post. I am hoping we can make it to the Alps to ski sometime in the next two years, but until that happens.. I just dream of it. For the lack of Switzerland skiing pictures, these mountain pictures are from Telluride, Colorado, one of my favorite places to ski. When it comes to global cuisine you know, things are often complicated, just like this recipe story. You find the perfect recipe from your travels, but can’t find the ingredients back home and often it’s a case of a simple spice that makes all the difference. Or the story or the origin of the recipe is a mixture of several cultures and locations, making it difficult to pinpoint where the recipe is actually from. This Toblerone Danish pastry story is a mess too, but believe me when I say: this recipe itself is simple, delicious, no mess at all, and you can make it in any ski lodge anywhere in the world where you just have an oven and Toblerone is sold. It tastes equally good at home. I was in my local grocery store in Linköping, Sweden, when my eyes peeled into the bakery section and the Toblerone Pastry. After doing some testing and research, I discovered the Toblerone pastry isn’t a Swedish invention, nor comes from Switzerland like Toblerone chocolate itself, but the recipe and the pastry was by Cuisine de France, a French bakery in Dublin, Ireland. And to add to the mix… in America you’d call this type of pastry a “Danish”. This is like a trip around Europe, right?

The Perfect Ski Lodge Après-ski Pastry

These Toblerone pastries are perfect for winter for the warm melted chocolate inside and flaky buttery crust, and they are perfect for pairing with a latte or a hot chocolate after a day in the snow. I personally am always looking for super simple recipes I can make in a ski lodge on our vacations without buying a ton of ingredients that I might have to throw away for not using it all before leaving home. This is probably one of THE easiest one so far, and I am planning on making these in Norway on our next ski trip on our Christmas vacation. Bonus of course that these even look a little bit like mountains with the triangle form, just like the Toblerones.

Toblerone Danish Pastry Recipe

INGREDIENTS: 1 package of ready made Puff Pastry dough 2 medium sized Toblerones (some for eating too) 1 egg for garnish (optional): chopped almonds powdered sugar INSTRUCTIONS: Heat the oven to 400F/200C. Take the dough out of the freezer and let it thaw to room temperature. Cut it to squares. Chop the Toblerone chocolate to individual chunks. It depends which size of Toblerone yo are using, but you might have to use two slices of small or one slice of large Toblerone, or 1 1/2 of medium. Basically you will have to be able to close the pastry diagonally, and form a triangle – that’s how much chocolate you scan fit inside. Put the pastries on a cookie sheet with or without cupcake paper cups (I used the large cupcake cups from IKEA, it makes it easy to take the pastries and eat on the go if wanted). Brush a little bit of egg onto the pastries, sprinkle with nuts, and put to the oven for about 20 minutes until golden brown. Shift a little powdered sugar on the top of the baked pastries to make the pastries look snow capped. Be ready to make a round to the grocery store to get more ingredients, that’s how good these are, especially after a day of skiing.

Do YOU have a favorite recipe from your travels?

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