Live a Little: believe

Do you believe?

Why is it when we are children we believe in magic, we believe in fairy tales, superheros and Santa Claus and happily-ever-afters but when we become adults we have sometimes hard time even in believing in ourselves? Why reality has to be so tough and rough at times that it strips down our beliefs in so many, too many, things? Or could it be that when we stop believing, reality gets tough? I am not even talking about religion here, it’s a whole other discussion. I am just talking in general, us believing in good, believing in the spirit of happiness, believing in people. Today I am encouraging you to live a little and believe. Watch the children around you this Holiday season, and see the happiness in their eyes when they believe in Santa Claus. This is the season to prove and see how much we all can accomplish in life just by believing we can. There is a small or big Christmas miracle happening right next to you, if you just open your eyes and watch. More importantly, believe that YOU can create a miracle, change someone’s life or at the very minimum make someone’s day. What ever you are looking for in life, or set to accomplish, it is impossible to make your journey without believing you will make it to the end. In fact I don’t think your journey truly even starts towards your goal until you enjoy the journey itself and believe THIS is the journey to what I am looking for. Believe in yourself and the rest of the journey becomes much easier. How can you ever have a happy ending if you don’t believe in it?

Your turn

What do you believe in? Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in happy endings? Do you believe in the spirit of the Holiday season?  

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