Experiencing the Adriatic coast of Italy: Idyllic fishing village Cesenatico

disclosure-blog-posts Experiencing the Adriatic coast of Italy: Idyllic fishing village Cesenatico For me, fascination of a place lies within its history. Europe is an endless playground in discovering history and culture. I think the best way to take everything out of traveling is to explore old towns with beautiful streets and ancient buildings. I seek to find the most idyllic places, away from the touristic spots and get the feeling of authentic, local lifestyle. I love many places but by far, Italy is definitely on my top list. Living in a villa on a hill in Tuscany, the sunsets from our kitchen window were breathtakingly beautiful. In Rome, I could sense the history in each street and hill, overlooking the light colored silhouette of the city. When I got a chance to participate a tour organized to a fishing village near Rimini, I did not hesitate for long. I got the familiar feeling of Italy already on the train ride from Bologna to Cesenatico, watching the countryside and idyllic houses flash by. italia2 The canal floating through old town and surroundings are really beautiful. It has been claimed that Leonardo da Vinci himself designed the canal. Buildings have the most sympathetic shades of pastels. The riverside is full of restaurants to enjoy a local fishmeal or stop by for a gelato. We spent the days riding with bicycles by the kilometers long beach, stopping to sip an espresso to the cozy cafes and wonder around the historic blocks of the Old Town. Must to-do is also a cruise on the sea on a hug, ancient sailing boat, which we got to enjoy with 30 bloggers around the globe. For me, traveling is always an escape from routines back home – living in the moment and soaking up the most of the foreign culture and habits. Still, I strive to maintain healthy lifestyle while traveling – I don’t believe in restricting anything in my diet. I want to try the local cuisine, but naturally, prefer it as local and fresh as possible. In Italy, I loved to start my mornings with fresh fruit. Because we were active during the day (which is often the case while traveling) I didn’t, however, stress over eating pasta and bread during the rest of the day. If you ask me, laid-back attitude to some extent is never a bad thing. I admire the Italian women who have free way of thinking regarding food and still manage to look healthy and gorgeous. (Of course, I went straight back to normal diet back home including the green smoothies :) IMG_2125 Cesenatico is at its best during the warmest months of summer, when you want to escape the heat of the cities and spend a few days lying on the endless beach, do some exercise and enjoy delicious food. The exercise opportunities in Cesenatico are unique. Tennis and beach volley courts are located centrally and a lot of arranged classes are arranged for everyone to take part of. The surroundings themselves make you want to be active – cycle, walk and run at the seashore. The fastest way to get to Cesenatico is to come by train from Rimini or Bologna. I flew to Bologna and took the opportunity to explore this beautiful city for a day as well. This way I got to enjoy both the beautiful fishing village Cesenatico by the coast and also to explore the heart of Northern Italy, Bologna. I heard that also Rimini is beautiful and worth visiting. Also, the amazingly beautiful sovereign state San Marino is less than an hour drive away. I’m sad I did not have time to visit this state that is claimed to be the oldest surviving sovereign state and constitutional republic in the world. A destination on my bucket list for sure! IMG_2134 Top 5 reasons why to go to Cesenatico: 1.      Perfect escape destination for enjoying the atmosphere of a historic fishing village by the sea 2.      Delicious food – here you can find fresh fish, authentic Italian espresso and the perfect gelato 3.       Laidback attitude – forget schedules and plans and go with the flow 4.   Activities –find a organized class or independently explore the city for example by bike 5. Location – perfect few night stop for Italy exploring trip IMG_2031_edited-1 italia1

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