Travel Insight: Luxury DIY Spa Tips from The Umstead Hotel and Spa

DIY spa treatments you can do at home. Ideas from a luxury spa. My hometown dream spa is the Umstead Hotel and Spa located in Cary, North Carolina. This five-star gem reopened last July after an extensive renovation. As I learned on my visit, a spa day here is not just a day of pampering, it’s an experience. Umstead Hotel and Spa DIY Spa Tips From luxury facials to sensational exfoliations, the Umstead Spa is a sanctuary that can awaken your senses in the new year. The soothing scent of cool peppermint is the star spa ingredient this month. The refreshing Peppermint Stick spa treatments are infused with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, ferulic acid, sterols, polyphenols and vitamin E. Umstead lounge Winter is harsh on our skin as is the heat in our homes during the winter months. The Umstead Hotel and Spa recommends grabbing some oatmeal from the pantry, and treat yourself to an at-home spa day in-between your professional spa visits. Oatmeal can soften and moisturize the skin and is great if you suffer from eczema. Consider one of these at-home care recipes for soothing dry winter skin this January: Umstead  Spa_Peppermint Treatments Oatmeal Soak Pour one cup of plain oatmeal under running warm water. Add a few drops of lavender oil or dried lavender to create a relaxing aroma. Soak for 20 to 30 minutes. The oatmeal will cleanse and lock in moisture. Body Exfoliation Treatment Mix one cup of colloidal oatmeal, a heaping tablespoon of coconut oil, ½ cup of brown sugar and lukewarm water to desired consistency. Scrub skin, gently exfoliating the skin. Complete this process by applying a moisturizing body cream or butter. Stay warm this winter, but remember to keep your skin soft.  Be sure to check out the Umstead Hotel and Spa’s online spa boutique.   luxury travel, East Coast travel, resorts & hotels, travel industry news, Southern travel, luxury travel blogger I live like a tourist in my hometown and my dream is to travel the world one luxury hotel at the time. If you love traveling as much as I do, subscribe to Skimbaco Travel, and never miss any travel content from our site.

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