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Working women are in crisis. Due to the pressures of caring for sick family members or children learning from home instead of going to a school building, millions of women have had to drop out of the workforce. We have less time to work, but the expenses remain! What can we do during this time of limbo to bolster our career and earning potential? One answer is to connect with others. Being an active member of an online community is an asset to your professional growth, and it’s also good for business. And building your own community – that can even be a good business model! We decided we had to do something.  So we launched the Insider Society Facebook Group and now we are launching our weekly Twitter chats on Tuesdays. Join us! [bctt tweet=”You are invited to @Insider_Society’s Twitter Chat about the importance of building communities for business. Women need biz networks now more than ever! #InsiderSociety ” username=”skimbaco”]

#InsiderSociety Twitter Chat with House of Wise

In our first #InsiderSociety Twitter Chat, we are discussing why having Biz BFFs and why building a community is vital for entrepreneurs. 


Tuesday, January 19, 2021 10 AM PST Los Angeles 1 PM EST NYC 6 PM GMT London

Meet the sponsor: Our sponsor this week is House of Wise,  a trusted source of CBD gummies and tinctures that allow women to take control of their sleep, sex, stress, and wealth, founded by @AmandaMGoetz. Along with House of Wise, Amanda has also built a community of “Wise Women,” who can earn money through affiliate sales with no upfront cost. Wise Women also receive coaching to help build their affiliate business.  Amanda has built an amazing community in a very short time and is a great example for other entrepreneurs.    Let us know you are joining the chat by tweeting this: [bctt tweet=”I’m attending the @insider_society Twitter Chat on Tuesday to discuss why building communities is vital to succeeding in business – especially in 2021. ” username=”skimbaco”]

How this works:

Our hosts will post questions and we will learn from each other’s answers:  @insider_society @amazingcancan @katjapresnal Follow also our sponsor: @house__of__wise @AmandaMGoetz And follow our co-hosts: @Touchse @DagmarBleasdale @TheSarahFader We invite you to answer the questions and join our discussion! Retweets of the questions are appreciated.  For your reference, we are sharing the questions below with specific times when they will be posted. That way you can focus on reading the answers of others instead of coming up with wisdom on the spot!   X = check your time zone below X.01 Q1: What was the first best online community experience you had? Why was it a success for you? #InsiderSociety  X.09 Q2: How have your business-related connections supported you during the past year? #InsiderSociety  X.17 Q3: What has been your best and most indispensable community? #InsiderSociety  X.24 Q4: What advice would you give to those who feel they “aren’t invited to the table” or “don’t belong”? #InsiderSociety  X.31 Q5: What are some of the best benefits you’ve experienced from a business community as an entrepreneur? #InsiderSociety  X.38 Q6: How is building a community around your brand good for your business? Why is having biz BFFs so important? #InsiderSociety  X.46 Q7: Is there a difference between a group, a community, and a fan base? #InsiderSociety  X.54 Q8: What makes an online community feel special for its members? Tell us great examples. #InsiderSociety


Tuesday, January 19, 2021 10 AM PST Los Angeles 1 PM EST NYC 6 PM GMT London

  We look forward to growing and learning with you in our Twitter chat about Biz Bffs! Join Insider Society and sign up for our Insider Brief

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