Money Mindset – What If Money Was Your Best Friend?

Get Rid of Your Money Blocks

We titled our book and e-course “Big Rich Money” because we wanted to crush some money myths. Read the full book or take the e-course to start your own Rig Rich Money journey. To make Big Rich Money, you need to be money positive, and have to want to make money. Sounds self-evident, but we know from our own experience that it’s not always easy to prioritize money, attract money, or even talk about money. Often, all of these things are linked to our feelings of self-worth. The same way our business tips can only be beneficial if they are put into action, the only way to create a successful money plan is to be willing to focus on money and to desire to make money. We had discussions about money with many women, and we encountered many mental money blocks and negative beliefs preventing them from even wanting to make more money. There is a lot of stigma around making (or not making) money.
In some circles, a person’s value is only measured by the amount of money they earn or possess, and those who don’t reach that income threshold are perceived as not “belonging.” At the other end of the spectrum, in some groups, caring about money and prioritizing making money is shameful. Someone who wants to make money is seen as selfish or shallow
It is also common for people to only initiate friendships with people who have a similar income level. Having money is rarely anyone’s life purpose, and money alone can be a bad motivator. “Making money” is not the driving force for many people to get up in the morning. Even people who say their main purpose is to make money, usually want the money to obtain more freedom to do what they want or work towards a specific outcome in their lives. Many people who have created tremendous wealth in their lives say that they still have many of the same problems in life that they did before becoming wealthy, like problems related to relationships.
This is not a discussion if money makes people happy or not – this is a discussion about how we can dismantle the blocks we have about making money.

Money doesn’t have morality, you do.

Compare money to a lamp. A lamp is not good or evil. You can use it to bring light to a dark room so that you can read a book. Or you can hit someone over the head with it. There is no morality in the lamp. It is all about how the lamp is used once it is in your possession. Money on its own is not good or evil. Money is a vehicle that you can take in many directions. You can use money to do good things for yourself, your family, and your community. There is no morality in the money itself. Many women we spoke with said they were working to obtain a certain level of comfort for themselves and their loved ones, though many were not making specific money-making plans as the way to reach that lifestyle. Interestingly, when people are asked how much money they would need to be content with their income level, the answers are surprisingly similar: they all estimated they needed to make 15-20% more than their current income levels, regardless of what their current income levels were! Many feel that they are always chasing the next income level. 

Money Mindset

These are the common reasons people gave as to why they “can’t” or “shouldn’t” make money:
  • I can’t focus on money because my family is more important.
  • I don’t care about money, I care about helping people.
  • I don’t NEED a lot of money. I have what I need.
  • I can only make more money if I work more hours.
  • I don’t want to make more money because I love my vacation time.
  • I don’t want to make a lot of money, people will think I only care about money.
  • I feel guilty for making money when so many people are struggling. I don’t deserve money.

What if you instead said:

  • I focus on money because my family is important to me.
  • I care about money, because I care about helping people.
  • If I have more money than I NEED, I can help those who are in need.
  • I can make more money even if I work less hours.
  • I want to make more money because I love my vacation time.
  • I want to make a lot of money, so people see what good I can do with my money.
  • I deserve money. Others deserve money. My money success does not take away from others. I don’t have to feel guilty for making money.
  Say that again:
I deserve money. Others deserve money. My money success does not take away from others. I don’t have to feel guilty for making money.

What is rich life? Can you live a rich life without loving yourself?

We understand that having a rich life means much more than having money in the bank account, and everyone defines what rich life means to them differently. You can’t have a rich life if you are not happy. You are not going to be happy if you are not satisfied with yourself.  Self-love is not just taking bubble baths and saying affirmations in the mirror. A big part of self-love is not putting yourself last. This took us way too long to learn. 
Self-love is a mindset.
In business, self-love looks like pricing your products and services to be able to pay yourself a fair wage. Self-love means not focusing on work to the exclusion of everything else. Self-love means celebrating small wins, even if you celebrate alone.  Self-love is being proud of your accomplishments, without belittling it with negative self-talk, like, “I could have sold more. I could have done better.” Self-love is being kind to yourself, and training that voice in your head to be an internal hype man. Self-love is knowing that you are worthy of success, and your time is now!  We have seen businesses succeed and we have seen businesses fail. All of our experiences have affirmed one truth: SUCCESS cannot truly exist without SELF-LOVE.  We are not trained therapists or psychologists, but we have each had the experience of struggling to pour our attention into our business at times when we were handed lemons in other areas of life. When difficult circumstances in love, health, family, and finances arise, they can deeply impact your confidence in yourself as a person and as a business owner. 

Unresolved pain in your life can show up in your business in these ways: 

  • Underpricing products and services (struggle with finding worth).
  • Giving away time and work for free (struggle with finding purpose).
  • Procrastinating launches because you feel the work, or the world is “not ready” (struggle with feeling relevant).
  • Being distracted by tasks that won’t directly result in increased revenue (reading one more book or taking one more course).
  • Abandoning your business duties all together (feeling you are not worthy of success).
There is a well-known saying in the “motivational speaker” crowd: Energy flows where attention goes. Where are you focusing your attention?  We are focusing more on self-love and being money positive in our Big Rich Money journey, and recommend it for you too. 

What if Money was your best friend? Ten tips on how you could make Money your BFF.

Imagine if Money were your BFF, cheering you on in your entrepreneurial journey. How would you nurture this unique friendship to achieve your financial goals?
  1. Budgeting: Budgeting is like planning exciting adventures together—map out your income, expenses, and savings goals. Your financial journey, your rules!
  2. Empowerment & Worth: Imagine money as a supportive friend who values your hard work. Recognize its role in empowering you to create a thriving business, support your loved ones, and embrace your dreams. Your best friend would pay you a good salary, so remember that when pricing your products and services.
  3. Saving & Dreaming: Picture money as a trusty confidante who helps you save for rainy days and future dreams. You have guts to tell her your wildest dreams, and you can be brave and write those dreams in concrete numbers on how much you would need in order to accomplish them. Chat with money about your dreams, big and small. Just like heart-to-heart chats with your bestie, set financial goals that light up your path—be it expanding your business or savoring a well-deserved vacation.
  4. Investment Confidence: Treat money like a collaborator in your success story. Invest in your dreams, just like you’d invest time in a heart-to-heart with your bestie. Explore smart investment options to nurture your wealth.
  5. Mindful Spending: Envision money as a mindful friend, guiding you away from impulse buys. Just like sharing secrets, make thoughtful choices that align with your business vision and values.
  6. Debt as a Teacher: See debt as a teacher who’s got your back during challenges. Manage it gracefully—pay off debts on time and avoid high-interest pitfalls. Your BFF money supports you in growing stronger. Everyone makes mistakes, but good friends give you an opportunity to learn from them.
  7. Lifelong Learning: Imagine money as a mentor who guides you toward financial wisdom. Learn and grow in the world of finance—arm yourself with savvy insights to make informed decisions.
  8. Generosity with Heart: Picture money as a partner in giving. Allocate a portion to give back, support causes you care about, and make a positive impact—spreading kindness as you do with your bestie.
  9. Joyful Balance: Embrace a joyful bond with money—celebrate wins and find balance. Just like sharing laughter and responsibility with your best friend, savor the rewards while staying financially responsible.
  10. Community: This friendship with Money can be empowering and important to you, but don’t forget to nurture your other personal relationships and connections. The heartwarming bonds we share with fellow entrepreneurs, friends, and loved ones are priceless, and you should not let Money come in between the most important relationships in your life, but help her to make those relationships even better. When Money is your loved friend, why wouldn’t you want to share her with your other friends?
  If Money was your best friend, what kind of adventures you would like to do with her?

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