From The Ground Up Helicopter Pilot Documentary

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A documentary short film pre-screening
From The Ground Up by Coptersafety
10 NOVEMBER, 2023, 17-19.30
Epicenter Helsinki, Mikonkatu 9, Helsinki
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Coptersafety is proud to announce From the Ground Up, a captivating documentary short film about helicopter pilots created by Isabella Presnal and No-Office Films. You are invited to a special pre-screening event held at Epicenter Helsinki on November 10, 2023. Get your free ticket now!  Long-format high-quality storytelling as a B2B marketing tactic is still underutilized, but Coptersafety Marketing Manager, and filmmaker, Isabella Presnal, saw the opportunity to educate people about the rotor industry and helicopter pilots while showcasing Coptersafety’s aim to improve helicopter safety in a way that evokes emotion.  The documentary film goes beyond traditional marketing tactics by allowing viewers to gain a deep understanding of the importance of a company’s mission. It can also strategically establish thought leadership, gain interest from the media, and visibility in events.  From the Ground Up isn’t just a showcase of company services; it tells a story, and creates an emotional connection that fosters trust, making it an effective tool for building brand credibility, attracting potential clients, and creating new interest for the entire industry.  The short film was filmed in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and The Netherlands showcasing diverse helicopter operations. No Finnish film has ever featured such a diverse array of helicopters before. The short film was created by Isabella Presnal, a 23-year-old Finnish-American filmmaker. This is Presnal’s 12th short film and second documentary. The film was made together with No-Office Films, an award-winning production company based in Helsinki and Los Angeles.
I’ve always been inspired by people who pour their hearts into something. While our film may revolve around helicopters and their pilots, at its core, it’s a tale of unwavering passion, says director Vertti Virkajärvi, co-owner of No-Office Films. 
  Most Hollywood movies don’t paint a realistic picture of the helicopter industry. The short film From the Ground Up debunks misconceptions about helicopter safety and features stories of seasoned pilots. 
Andreas Hjert, Norwegian Air Ambulance. Photo: Isabella Presnal 
Andreas Hjert is an air ambulance pilot for Norwegian Air Ambulance flying in Northern Norway.  
Kristian Krog, Pegasus Helicopter. Photo: Kristian Presnal
Kristian Krog specializes in aerial work for Pegasus Helicopter.  
Marthijn over de Linden operates in the wind energy sector with HeliService
Marthijn over de Linden, HeliService. Photo: Kristian Presnal
Marthijn over de Linden operates in the wind energy sector with HeliService in the North Sea. While flying helicopters is their primary job, they also oversee training their crews in and out of the simulator at Coptersafety.   
Coptersafety, Vantaa, Finland
Coptersafety is the largest independent helicopter simulator training center in the world, providing world-class helicopter simulator training, which effectively and safely educates pilots. 
My father is a helicopter pilot and my mother is a content marketing strategist, and I grew up moving around the world being inspired by my parents making their career goals happen. Creating documentaries that educate and evoke emotional responses is my passion, and From the Ground Up is equal parts homage to my parents and a striking marketing film for Coptersafety, says  Isabella Presnal, filmmaker and the Marketing Manager of Coptersafety. 
  Isabella was joined by her father, a Coptersafety’s Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor Matt Presnal as a technical advisor, and her sibling Kristian Presnal as a behind-the-scenes photographer and a videographer for the shooting trips, making this a special family project. 
Isabella, Matt and Kristian Presnal
  From the Ground Up shows respect for the rotor industry, accurately representing the industry on the big screen, and it gives audiences unfamiliar with the industry an opportunity to gain a new perspective.   

Poster photo & design: Kristian Presnal

We would hope this film encourages aspiring pilots to seek career opportunities in this unique industry where the safety and wellbeing of pilots, their families, and the rest of the crews and customers are not just essential, but the core of their operations, says Hannu Marjoniemi, Coptersafety’s Commercial Director.
  There will be a preview screening of From the Ground Up, in Helsinki, Finland, held at Epicenter Helsinki on November 10th, 2023. The industry premiere of the film will be at HAI Heli-Expo 2024 in Anaheim, California.    Sign up for the preview screening event at Epicenter Helsinki now.  

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