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For Men: Dressing Quintessentially Parisian

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When in Paris.. dress like a gentleman

Paris is filled with rich history and culture, and has what many believe to be the most elevated sense of style. Parisians are often described as “chic” and “effortless”-always looking put together for any occasion. On your next trip to the City of Lights, you, too, can dress like a true Parisian man. Hermes AscotWhen I think of the typical Parisian man, an image comes to mind of a true gentleman. A man that wears Sunday’s best any day of the week. There is one image that I associate as being truly European and Parisian, and that is the ascot. The ascot dates back to the late 19th century and, at the time, was usually donned by the upper class of Europe as they attended day events. Today, the ascot still embodies that sense of classicism and sophistication yet can be done so subtly. Next time you find yourself in Paris, try a classic ascot paired with an oxford for an effortless, pulled together look that exudes the air of a true gentleman. In the cooler months, layer a quarter-zip sweater over top for a truly classic style. The ascot can be tied in the traditional “ascot” knot, or it has the ability for you to add your own touch of creativity.  Here, I paired an Hermes ascot that contains shades of blue with an oxford piped in a matching hue of navy. Hermes Ascot Scarf, hermes, paris, france, men's fashion, monsieur curations So the next time you find yourself in Paris, don an ascot and sip champagne in true Parisian style. Products in the first picture can be found here. Monsieur Curations - Men's Lifestyle at Skimbaco Lifestyle, feature by Wes Holland

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