Volvo Overseas Delivery – The Best Way to Buy a Car AND to Travel

Volvo Overseas delivery - the best way to buy a car Ok, like mentioned before, my heart is set for BMWs, but I have three kids using car seats, and the 700-series with a wide backseat is out of my league. This said, I have to tell you about the love for my car, which has integrated child booster seats, and is the best “deal” if you are in market for a new car. I love my Volvo V70, and they should pay me, I tell everybody how cool cars they make. It is one of the safest cars you can get (ok, mainly personal opinion, but there are so many “volvo saved my life” stories and statistics to back it up..). My husband gets teased when he drives with it – “that’s an uterus on wheels” say the paramedics he flies with. Well, they know, they’ve seen that even when Volvo is driven off the road, the mom and the kiddos are ok inside. They’ve seen it. They should be in a Volvo commercial telling it! My favorite feature of Volvos is that we usually go to Europe to buy one. Yeah, you read it. We do car shopping trips to Europe. No, we don’t have our own plane, and it actually isn’t something über-luxurious, just a smart way to get mom a new set of wheels. Volvo offers Overseas Delivery, meaning that you go to your local Volvo dealer, order a new car, and they give you two free flight tickets to Europe to go and pick it up from the factory in Sweden or from any of the several Volvo dealers in almost any European country. How cool is that? And hey, free flight tickets to Europe? Who can resist that?

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