Cheap Scandinavian Design a’la Swedish IKEA – part 3

July 6, 2007 Katja Presnal

Cheap Scandinavian Design a’la Swedish IKEA – part 3

Like I promised last week, here are my product picks from IKEA. I normally shy away from the obvious copy products, with a few exceptions. I do have a love-hate relationship to IKEA, I admit. I hate how they copy products from other designers, but I love the Scandinavian style and how they display their products. I always come home with bunch of new decorating ideas. IKEAI haven’t been at IKEA for a long time, and the thing that I miss the most is their Swedish food shop. The canned herring (I know what you think, but there is nothing more Scandinavian than cold herring, new potatoes and some fresh dill), the fish candy, the whole wheat crispbread, the cloudberry jam… and Turun Sinappi mustard! The mustard factory is 30 minutes from my home town, and the Swedes bought the recipe a few years ago. No, the Swedish Food shop at IKEA is not the culinary Mecca, but for me, it’s the taste of Scandinavia, the taste of home. The best product IKEA sells, is their shopping bag. No, I’m not kidding, nor being sarcastic here. I have several of their blue shopping bags, and I’ve had them for years. Two are dedicated for post office trips. Honestly, most packages I’ve shipped out from my online store have been in an IKEA bag. There is no way that I would survive shipping out 40 packages at once, if I didn’t have the IKEA bags. I’m all for re-usable items, and the huge IKEA plastic bag is the ultimate multi-use-bag. Think of wet and sandy towels after the day at the beach – no sand in the car, when you use one of these. How about hauling laundry from the second floor to the basement and back? This is your solution. When shopping at IKEA, I always fill up my shopping bag with the napkins, candles, and other small stuff, like dish brushes (two for 0.99$). For kids IKEA offers sometimes really cool finds. The quality is not high, but with some items like these below with this low prices, it’s just hard to resist.

Katja Presnal

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