Converse shoes inspired by a NBA star Dwyane Wade

July 7, 2007 Katja Presnal

Converse shoes inspired by a NBA star Dwyane Wade

My son got a new pair of Converse Kids Wade 2.0 shoes, a new basketball and playing basketball with Daddy had never been that much fun. “These shoes are amazing” from a 4-year-old. New Converse Wade Kids ShoesNo wonder, since these Converse Kids Wade shoes were inspired by a NBA star Dwyane Wade, of the Miami Heat. As a basketball star and a father, Mr. Wade knows which shoes work for sporty kids. Mr Wade also knows what it is to be father. He and his wife Siohvaughn have a five year old son Zaire and just had a baby boy, Zion, this May. Dwyane Wade also received a Father of the Year award last month by the National Father’s Day Committee among other seven men honored, for example John Edwards, who is a Democratic candidate for President in 2008. It is easy to see why he got honered with the award. Mr Wade does philanthropic work, helping children in need. He visits terminally ill children in the hospitals and recently granted a wish of a 10-year-old boy to meet him, through Make-a-Wish Foundation, a foundation granting wishes for terminally ill children. Mr Wade is a role model for young basketball fans, and no wonder that the Converse Wade 2.0 kids shoes have been flying off the shelves after the Converse TV ad was launched earlier this year.   If you read my guide to children’s shoes, you know that I normally don’t recommend using sports shoes daily, or getting shoes with arch support for children. The Converse Wade 2.0 children’s shoes have the longer ankle support for sports, and the flexible sole for children’s growing feet without the harmful support on the inner sole. With the technical specs and the cool design, featuring the “Rose and Thorn” inspired by Wade’s fierceness and the beauty of the game, I’m more than happy to recommend them.

Katja Presnal

Katja Presnal shows how to live Nordic inspired life to the fullest and plan your dream life. Katja owns Presnal5 strategic marketing intelligence agency and wants to help marketing professionals to combine a dream career and dream life via freelance work. Katja is an award-winning marketing strategist, and a well-known speaker. Katja has lived in five different countries, and seven states in the USA. Her three children were all born in different countries within three years. When not working or jet-setting the world, Katja is at home cooking big family dinners. She has been featured in NY Times, Glamour, Redbook, Fodor's, Forbes and Woman's Day magazines among many other national and international publications and written for MTV3 and Lifetime TV networks.

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  2. Adventures In Babywearing

    Ah! Carter got some Dwayne Wade’s too and he loves them. REAL basketball shoes!! Those pants are adorable, too. I love Tea Collection!!


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