Dreaming of the Rocky Mountains..?

Amy from MountainJos.com wrote me and asked if she could use my previous post where I wrote how hard it would be to ever leave these amazing surroundings. Her website is a great resource for anyone who is considering moving here in the Rocky Mountains! We have many reasons to stay here, and Jeepin’ is one of them.

While I’m writing this, Matt is living the Manly Rocky Mountain Dream. He is Jeepin’ in the mountains, going for a fishing trip. Right now he is probably up at the Cinnamon Pass, at 12,800 feet high. I have to say, I’m a little worried, I’m scared of those Jeep trails. I wanted him to take a GPS tracking device with him, just to make sure I know he gets to his destination. I got one for him on his last Las Vegas business trip.

Just kidding. But maybe I should have gotten it now.

Matt traded his Volvo for a 1984 Jeep when we moved here. Skiing, hiking, biking and kayaking aren’t enough of hobbies for the locals, they also collect vechicles to get around, and since we wanted “live like the Romans do”, we got at least the snowboard, ski gear and a 4×4 Jeep for experiencing the Colorado way of living. I should have traded in my Volvo for a Subaru, the official mom-car in Co, but just couldn’t do it.

Anyway… To set the record straight after yesterday’s post about Matt letting me borrow one of his tools, he isn’t really the handy-man-of-the-year-type. BUT, he took this Jeep apart and kept ordering parts and things I didn’t know he knew existed and he transformed the “Jeepy” (our nickname for the car, we are so lame) to the ultimate way to experience the Colorado 14ers.
I’m pretty impressed, after all this is guy who drove a sports BMW, when we met.

This said (how impressed about my husband I am)… There are some things that just made me to laugh my booty off, when my dear husband drove off for a Manly Fishing Trip.

Stickers. It’s not just Lightning McQueen, but the trail Jeeps need to have stickers. Best if they show off what gear you have in, and which mountains you’ve climbed (with the car).

Fishing. I don’t know if he knows how to take a fish out of a hook, I’ve never seen him to fish before. He just got fishing gear for his birthday.

You should have seen what he packed with him. Bag of nicely folded DKNY and RL Polo jeans and shirts. A pillow with a nice Laura Ashley pillow case. He took our yellow family thermos bag, that you can pull like a suitcase and he strapped it in the car with a matching yellow string. He looks as stylish as a guy going for a fishing trip can.

Did I do this to this man? Is he going to be laughed at by the fellow-fishermen? Or are the whole bunch of men fishing just using this “manly fishing trip” a way to get away from us women? And instead of eating trout grilled on the camp side fire, they are all snug in their fancy log cabin, drinking beer and eating Campbell’s soup made on the stove?

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