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Since it’s back to school time, I’m going to brag how wonderfully educated my children are. My children are also very traveled, and have developed their own language. They know about the world culinary and arts. They are such sweet kids, always making me happy. My daughter (5) complimented me today “I like your outfit”, how sweet I thought, until she continued “my clothes don’t match either”.   I was wearing jeans and a black t-shirt. We love to talk about places where we’ve been, and where we would like to go. My son (4) loves Texas, because they have so many restaurants. Sister (5) topped it – Nashville, Tennessee, was the best place, they had even sharks in the restaurants. But then they all remembered – Tennessee and Texas were so darn hot (question for my mother-in-law: where do you think they learnt darn?? Maybe, just maybe, from y’all in Texas), and Canada must be the best place in the world, it was cold and icy. They even have Rainbow Falls there, so pretty. Niagara Falls of course. They all agreed on one place where they would like to go next. It wasn’t Disney World, it was Paris, France. Since there is the Eiffel tower, good food and lots of plutos. Poodles. What is this obsession of food??? Well, I do love to cook, and we eat in most of the time. Family dinner is when we sit and talk, and we have even candle-light most of the time (well, except during summer, it’s so darn hot). After all, my children want to be in the food industry, my daughter (7) wants to be Rachael Ray, and my son Domino-pizza-guy. They have Domino-pizza-places in many towns, and my son could travel from one to another, since he would already know how to make Domino-pizza. Have we been traveling TOO MUCH? And Domino-pizza, we’ve never eaten there! And Rachael Ray, no explanation needed, I wanna be Rachael Ray too. My oldest daughter could write already when she was barely 4 years old. The first word she wrote was “BUDI”, and she laughed and laughed, she was so proud she was able to write. I didn’t get it. (while my kids are smart, I’m little slow sometimes) Then she said it “Mommy, I wrote booty” and laughed her little budi off. Tell me, am I supposed to be proud of my homeschooling skills, I mean c’mon, she was already writing – or should I be worried because that was the first word she ever wrote? Sometimes it’s absolutely wonderful that we speak two languages at home. Like when my kids inform me at the grocery store that they just paukkuud – their way of saying that something slipped out from the budi. Luckily nobody understands the expression – it’s Finnglish. Finnglish is not that great always. Like from peitto in Finnish and blanki in English was born a word panty. Like when a 2-year-old is crying at the grocery store “Mommy no panty”. Not good. This post was being part of All Women Blogging Carnival – posting something funny of your child.
  1. Oh, Katja, I just love reading about your family! It sounds like such a wonderful and happy life!

    Your kids will have so many fond memories of traveling and having fun together forever. That is priceless.

    I wish I could speak two languages – and have my own language, too! I love that they speak Finnglish!

    And BUDI – haha! I was laughing so hard at that one! So cute!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  2. Sounds like you have some great kiddies. I love getting the kids to think about what they want to be when they grow up!! Awesome!

  3. My kids aren’t well traveled–in fact we both work from home and homeschool so though they know our area VERY well, beyond that, nope. But my kids have a similar sense of creativity (you should have seen my sons room before I painted a mural on it.:)they had their own murals all over. ) Of course my husband has pointed out that since I write on walls why would I expect them not to (I use permanent marker and acrylics to paint and write on our walls for decoration.)

    Their sense of humor reminds me of my middle child. And you are blessed to speak two languages at home, even if it gets lost in translation sometimes. :)

  4. Katja,
    Just thought of something I wanted to ask you.

    Do you speak finnish to your kids? Miten se onnistuu sulta arkipaivassa? Itse puhun ranskaa lapsilleni (mieheni aidinkieli), mutta valilla tuntuisi vain ni-iin paljon helpommalta puhua maan kielta. Silloin kun huonosti nukut yot tai pinna menee, ranska tekee uuden vallankumouksen ja meinaa napata Suomelta paaroolin.
    Mites siis teilla? Kaytko Suomessa lasten kanssa? Puhuvatko suomea?
    T. Em

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