Do you believe in Karma?

This last month has been very hectic, I’m sure you have guessed it from my blogging too. New items arriving to my store, lot of taking photos, writing newsletters, packing packages. And my new passion, this blog, has been taking a lot of time too. And I can’t say no to anyone asking me a favor. I have been working often ’til 2 or even 4 o’clock at night, just to be able to spend some more time with my children, when I wake up early with them again the next morning. I’ve started getting comments from people “you look tired” and “don’t burn yourself” even “you sound tired” (over phone) – and I’ve started being worried, do I look stressed? Am I stressed? I don’t really HAVE to work this much. But I want to make a difference so bad, that maybe I am doing too much..? I do feel sometimes, that I’m taking one step forward and two steps back. I have sent 50 e-mails to people, having only one or two to write back. I have done so much to make customers happy, just to realize they ordered with a stolen credit card and I sent everything for free – the payment was taken away from our account. I have helped people to get their products known, only to hear that they chose to work with my competitor. List of disappointments is long – for a person, who just wanted to spread sunshine. Then today I received some e-mails, and comments here in this blog too that totally made my day. Or my week, month and year. My whole purpose is to SPREAD SUNSHINE to anyone’s life I can possibly touch, and today I felt, “Wow, maybe I really am in the right path”. I believe in karma – good that you do, will come back, bad that you do, will come back to you. Today I got so may good things, that after being tired (and maybe stressed..?) I knew that all the long nights and days have been worth it – I had made a connection. First Em though I’m Rockin’ Blogger, then Kailani included me on her Thursday Thirteen Blog Friends. Then I received so many comments and e-mails congratulating for getting to be part of Mama Speaks. I took last Sunday off, and met this Finnish 24-year old woman, who has 4 children and lives in Salt Lake City. She drove all the way from Utah to visit us. She wrote me today, how meeting me had inspired her, and made her to want to pursuit her own dreams in life. The e-mail made my cry, I was really touched, and I included it below for my Finnish friends to read. Then I have a wonderful customer, a grandmother of nine, and she had just received her order for her grandchildren. And she wrote me this e-mail today: Hi Katja….I had a teacher who repeatedly reminded her classes, “It’s the little things that count.” You must have grown up with the same mantra. The box from Skimbaco arrived in perfect shape, and the selections are delightful… just as they appeared on the balky website. Thank you for your personal note and for the sweet pink hairbow. I know the grandchildren will love their unique and high quality gifts ….but, let’s hope I can wait until Christmas for my presentation! I would like to thank you for all those people who in the last week have been so supportive, who have e-mailed and called me, and commented here in the blog. THANK YOU! You ladies are amazing! And believe me, I’ll do everything in my power that the good Karma you just sent me, will return to you!   Thank you Stina for this e-mail, you have no idea how much it meant to me: .. mulle sen lisaksi, etta nahtiin ja saatiin puhua Suomea ja jutella niita naita niin oli siis aivan esimerkillista, miten taysin antautunut sa olet siihen sun unelmaan ja sun bisnekseen. Ja pitkista tyopaivista huolimatta myoskaan sun lapset eivat vaikuttaneet silta, etta olisivat jaaneet aitin huomiota vaille. Olen jo monelle ihmiselle kertonut ja kehuskellut sun tarkkanakoisyytta ja silmaa bisnekselle, mutta myos sita sinnikkyytta kylla melkein kadehdin (siis hyvalla tavalla. Jos kahdehtiminen on sellaista, etta haluaa jotain toiselta pois ja sen itselleen niin en mina sita sinulta pois halua vaan haluaisin tavallaan adoptoida sen samanlaisen sinnikkyyden ja asenteen mika sinulla Skimbaco:n kanssa). Ei ehka ihan sanoin voi selittaa kaikkea, mutta sun tapaaminen todella innosti ja inspiroi mua. Ja tietenkin nain vasymyksenkin sussa, mutta en missaan nimessa epatoivoa. Olen saanut niin paljon ideoita, mita haluan toteuttaa meidan tapaamisen seurauksena. Huomaan, etten ole elanyt omaa elamaani ihan taysilla, vaan vahan “selviytynyt” vaan ja pistanyt omat unlemat hyllylle. En oikeastaan talla hetkella toteuta muita unelmia kun aitina ja vaimona olemisen… Mutta kyllahan siina ohella voi muitakin unelmia toteuttaa.. Eli kiitos viela kerran ja toivotan kaikkea hyvaa sun bisnekseen ja myoskin rukoilen sun ja bisneksesi puolesta, etta saat lisaa voimia ja ideoita ja mahdollisuuksia tehda sita mita sa haluat tehda. Kaikkea hyvaa sulle ja ihanaa paivaa.. ”

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