CARES seatbelt makes flying with kids easy and safe

On our last flight we had three children under 6 and lots of people giving us those “oh no!” looks when we were trying to board. We had to carry the car seats for safety, and the games and DVD-players for entertainment. I’m not too proud to say I think I should have received a gold medal, just for surviving the hauling part!

I would love to travel light, even with children, but this mama cares about safety, and when it comes to my children’s safety – I’m not taking any shortcuts just for convenience.

If you are getting ready to fly with children, you don’t have to haul all the gear to the plane, like we did. Neither you have to take any safety shortcuts thanks to CARES ($75).

CARES is a children’s safety belt for airplane seats, and the best for parents: it fits in your pocket. The harness-type seat belt, which is really easy install directly to the airplane seat, can be used the entire flight, and it is the only FAA approved harness type safety device for kids.

My son really likes the cool look of the CARES since his Dad is a helicopter pilot and now he can buckle up just like the pro’s. An added bonus for mom is that even the squirmiest kid will stay in his seat while at the same time allowing you to get your child out fast in case of an emergency. This mama cares about safety and gives CARES two thumbs up for a great product for traveling families!

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