Are you a Savvy Auntie? And story how I started my business

When I was growing up in Finland, my Aunt Eira lived (and still does) in Germany and worked as a stewardess. She doesn’t have children of her own, but she would spoil me and my sisters like any Savvy Auntie and she would send us gifts from all over the world. I wore Converse tennis shoes a year before anyone else at school, and I was set with the Lacoste polo shirts in all the colors of the rainbow when those were in – thanks to Aunt Eira.

When I became an aunt for the first time a few years ago – I wanted to be “the aunt” for my new niece. My sister got so many compliments for the gifts I sent for her daughter, that she recommended me starting to help other moms to find unique items for their babies too. By accident and a word of mouth, I became a personal shopper selling children’s clothing to moms in Finland. I literally shopped until I dropped, and the 100+ e-mails a day started getting a little overwhelming. And then I got an idea to start a store, and Skimbaco.com was started almost a year ago.

My Aunt and my now two nieces (along with my own children of course) have been my inspiration, and I have always wanted to be “the Aunt” helping finding unique children’s products.

When I found out about a website called Savvy Auntie – a resource for Aunts, I fell in love with the concept. Aunts always want to spoil the nieces and nephews, but don’t always know what toys are suitable for what age, or how children’s clothing sizing goes. Not to even mention – where to get the coolest gifts! I can’t wait Savvy Auntie to launch (next month, I heard!) and see all the features of the site.

If you would like to be part of Savvy Auntie – they are looking for a limited number of Aunties to test the site before it officially launches. Join now!

And what comes to my Savvy Auntie Eira – she still spoils me. The roller skates and fancy dresses have just changed to German chocolate and cookies, and she keeps me in the loop sending me European magazines. And if I ever get diamonds or Lois Vuitton bags for my b-day – they are from my Savvy Auntie. I love you Aunt Eira, damn I lucked out with an aunt like you!

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