My kids can ski!

Remember when I write in November that my kids were trying their skis at our own yard..? We tried skiing with kids twice last winter and like the November practice at our bunny hill proved – our kids had no clue how to ski.

But today, two months later, they all skied down Purgatory, which is over 10,000 feet high mountain! I am so proud of my kids, they have done such a great job learning to ski. They all started ski school on the beginning of the year, plus we have been skiing with them, so they have been on the slopes maybe 8 times now, and now they already take the big ski lift on the top of the mountain and come down like seasoned skiers. Unbelievable!

Kristian started on a group for 4-5 year-olds and girls started in a group with 6-8 year-olds. Isabella skis now in the next age group, and Kris was also moved to ski with Gaby in the older kids’ group. The thing is that they all just love to ski, and can’t wait to learn more.

How we did this? We haven’t been pushing it at all. I mean, I would be really upset if my kids didn’t want to ski, but we have never made them to do it for us. We have focused on how much fun skiing is and when they have said no more skiing today, we haven’t made them do it.

Kristian even skipped one class last week – he wanted to watch videos instead at the child care center – and even though that really really upset me (the $$ we pay for the classes, the instruction he needs..), we didn’t make him feel bad about it, and said it’s ok if he doesn’t want to ski, we just like it because it’s so much fun. He said he had just missed me, and didn’t want to ski without me. On the next class I just stood on the side of the hill encouraging how great he was doing, and then his teacher asked if she could take Kris on the top of the mountain and upgrade him to Gaby’s class. I was soooo proud of him, and today they all were so excited to have ski school on the same day.

And an added bonus… now all three kids go to ski school at the same time leaving me and Matt 3 hours of skiing together a week!

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