Update on Burton Ski Wear

I posted about my Burton ski clothes a while ago and since my top search words this past week have been kid’s Burton ski wear, Burton ski clothing and Burton ski clothes, even “most expensive ski clothing”, I just wanted to update my furter experience with Burton.

I e-mailed the Burton company last week to ask if they thought my ski clothes were defective, or is the quality normal for their products.

The loops and buttons have been fallling off from both my snowboard jacket and pants. (and no, I don’t snowboard, or do crazy stunts, I ski with my children and just wanted to look cute in the Burton set :)

Since my e-mail was never answered, I decided to call Burton customer service yesterday. The customer service girl at Burton was very nice, and said Burton does offer one year warranty to all their products, and you can send your defective Burton ski wear back to them and they will fix it for you.

I was happy to hear that – but then again, I don’t want to send my ski clothes for a repair, right when the ski season is at its best.
  1. I recently purchased a pair of Burton gloves that were found defective later the same day. The store would not give me an exchange, I had to pay for shipping to Burton to get a new pair. This was while on vacation so I had to purchase a second pair for use. After a couple of e-mails to Burton this is thier policy. A simply exchange as you would see in any clothing store would have been so much nicer.

  2. Hi Katja,
    I work at Burton Snowboards and would love to help you out. I am sorry that you have had a bad experience with some of our products. If you call 802-862-4500 and ask for Matt in Dealer Service I can set you up with a warranty claim and get your defective products back to us so we can either repair or replace your gear. Hope to hear from you soon.

    -Burton Snowboards-

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