Interview with a Send Out Cards Mompreneur

I wanted to know more about Send Out Cards, because it’s not just a great way to send cards to everyone on your list, it also is a great way to earn extra money – especially for stay at home moms!

I talked with Peggy Groves Knaack, who is a graphic designer from North Carolina, who had always wanted to start her own greeting card company. But while she had always found the idea of designing the cards appealing, the idea of producing, marketing, and all the business side of it had been overwhelming to her. Send Out Cards seemed like the perfect solution for Peggy to start her own greeting card business, without actually printing and manufacturing.

Katja: Hi Peggy, how did you get started with Send Out Cards?

I sort of jumped in when I was introduced to Send Out Cards in December because I have always had the idea of starting a greeting card company in my mind. With Send Out Cards, everything is in place and you can even create custom cards with your own art or photos. Everyone loves getting cards in the mail and Send Out Cards makes the process as easy as writing an email, but so much more personal than an email. It has reintroduced a great tradition back into my life. I now send thank you notes, birthday cards and basic letters again because it is so much fun and so simple. It is a wonderful concept for anyone.

Katja: Tell us a little bit more how it works.

: Anyone can send the cards. You can pick cards online and the company prints them and send then straight for the recipient. It is just so easy. There is a feature to upload your own images and create your own cards, but there are also thousands of great cards to choose from. As you can probably tell, I am very excited about it.

Katja: That’s sounds great that there is even an earning opportunity, tell us more about that.

Yes, there is also an income opportunity associated with it. And that is such a bonus to something I would do anyway. Pretty cool, huh? There are three different ways to join: as a retail customer, a wholesale customer, or an entrepreneur. The cost to join is different for all ways, starting 25$ for the basic Retail Package. I am more than happy to tell more options and how to join for anyone who is interested.

Katja: Who do would recommend Send Out Cards for?

For anyone! It is a wonderful company and such a great concept. I want to send cards to everyone! It is a great opportunity for both women and men, and I for example stay at home moms. It is also such a great overlay with any business, and many business people can utilize Send Out cards in their marketing.

Katja: What is the best about Send Out Cards for you?

The best thing about SOC is that I now have time to send personal notes, gift cards, and even brownies that arrive in the mail, from the convenience of my computer. Everyone likes to receive a card in the mail. It can really make someone’s day.

Katja: What is your normal work day like? How much do you spend time with SOC?

My main focus of my work day is my graphic design business, but I do spend a little time each day with SendOutCards. Mainly, I send someone a card. If I’ve met someone for a business meeting, I send them a thank you note. If a friend’s birthday is approaching, I get a notice from SOC and I select a card and enclose a gift. I’m hooked on the Starbuck’s gift cards right now! I love those. As far as time with marketing, I am really just getting started. I know people are doing a lot with marketing with this company but so far, I’m just having fun sending cards! I guess I’ll have to let you know more in a few months. It is just a lot of fun and very rewarding.

Katja: That sounds so much fun – and I totally agree on the Starbucks gift cards, that place is addicting! It is so convenient you can get all the gift cards from SOC too. What other gift cards you could send?

There is something for everyone! Restaurant gift cards like On the Border or Chili’s, stores Barnes & Noble, GAP, Banana Republic or Home Depot. SOC also offer different kind of gourmet food gifts.

Katja: How could I join?

I would like to invite you to watch the introduction to the company, and give it a try – you can send free cards on my site and you can join through me, I am more than happy to answer any other questions you might have.

Katja: Thank you so much for telling us about SendOutCards Peggy!

Thank you Katja, it was fun, just like everything involved with SOC!

Do you have questions for Peggy about SOC? Leave a comment here.

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