Send Out some Cards – the easy way

Ooops, did you forget to send the Valentine’s? Don’t worry, I’m the worst person to remember to send any type of Holiday or birthday cards on time. Sometimes I also feel like it’s those unexpected things that matter even more than the expected Holiday cards. When you get a postcard from a person who normally just e-mails you, or when you get a “just because” gift from your loved one.

I had my birthday recently, and I received a card and a Starbucks gift card from a new friend, and it was such a joy to receive an unexpected gift. My friend sent me the card using Send Out Cards, and I hadn’t heard of the site before. Have you?

Send Out Cards is an unique way to send real postcards to your friends and family just with a few clicks. Send time and money not driving to the closest Hallmark store, and you can customize your card with your own message, just like any greeting card. The card is mailed to your friend by Send Out Cards people – it couldn’t be any easier for you.

You can also make custom made cards with your own text or photos – and think of invitations, baby announcements, wedding cards or any other type of card you can think of. Even for your business use! You can create your own account, and save all the important dates, names and addresses to your own database and sending cards is even easier. You can easily even send the same card for everyone in your address list.

You can also send some gifts, and gift cards with your card. Like cookies, gourmet chocholates or gift card to her favourite restaurant, or stores like GAP, Home Depot or Blockbuster. What ever the occasion – you can find a gift card to send from Send Out Cards.

Want to give it a try? Send Out Cards will offer you a chance to send one card for free to test it out!

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