My phonebook, water cooler, mall and BFF

I met a friend today, who is a business owner, but doesn’t have a website. I exhausted her with my talk about Twitter, Social Media, Web-marketing and Blogging.

I realized that some of the things I was saying didn’t make sense, and I used an example; when I’m looking for a dentist in town, I google.

How about this one? I’m going to Austin, Texas, next week, and I’d like to find a Greek restaurant to eat at – so I twittered and asked if anyone can recommend one. I got several recommendations within a few hours!

My friend said, she uses a phonebook.

What about shopping? She gets catalogues. And she likes to “touch things” and see them. But she admitted, she couldn’t find a mailbox in town she liked, so she googled “mailboxes” and bought one online and was impressed how easy it was.

In my mind the social media world, the power of bloggers, the voice we small people together are able to put out, is Huge. And just getting bigger.

Bloggers are national-news-level huge. Have you heard about the Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash and how many consumers are saying it is making their teeth brown and they can’t taste as well? I heard about it on national news, but they quoted bloggers and their opinions about the mouth wash. Not the “researchers”, not the “consumer report”, not the “doctors”; they read what bloggers had said about the product. The voices of us were heard and noticed.

While blogging is nothing new, now is the time that blogging is getting to mass markets. No, not for everyone yet, but we are getting there. Now it’s the time bloggers are connecting and networking and generating niches like “Mommy Bloggers” – yes, that’s us.

But I realized today that there are still a lot of people who don’t read blogs, who don’t shop online, not to even mention socialize or network online. But you and I, here we are, already reaching out to so many people, today. We are at the right place at the right time. When the people who are not online today will be in our circles, our circles will be not just huge, humongous.

I also talked to another friend, who is starting an online business. She already has hundreads, probably thousands of people who know she is going to launch her website soon. Yes, her site isn’t officially even up yet, but thousands of people have heard it’s coming. Thanks to social media sites and excellent networking and marketing skills. Her business isn’t even listed in the phonebook yet.

Yesterday I sent out my Very First Ladybug Landings newsletter. Ladybug Landings is my new project – free PR service helping LadyBloggers and LadyBosses to connect. I wrote here about my idea, and twittered yesterday I’ll be sending out my newsletter, and boom, within a day or two, I had over 100 people in my list, wanting to be “in”. Today I’ve gotten e-mails from more people who want to be in. Now it’s the time to be “in” and enjoy this amazing virtual world, which combined is our phonebook, water cooler, mall and best friend forever.

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