Seems like I’m going to be in a hospital for a while. Not that doctors have said anything like that, but since I am so much in pain that I barely can walk two feet to the bathroom, I’m thinking going home might not be a good idea… Talking makes me tired and out of breath. Since I might not be in the best condition to back up for the move, my wonderful parents-in-law have promised to drive here from Texas to help us out. That’s nice, but extra props for my parents who obviously want to spare my strength so much that they haven’t called or even sent me an e-mail yet. I’m sure they just want me to rest, right? No, I’m sure they are just out on the sea with their boat, and maybe even my sister hasn’t been able to reach them. Frankly, I’m pretty scared and now starting to realize this is serious stuff. It has taken me an hour to write this, and I think I’m going to need a few hours after this to rest…
  1. Hang in there, Katja! You rest up and get your strength up and then you will be feeling better! I know what its like to be stuck in the hospital and feeling like crap, its no fun at all. We are all here for you.

    Feel better!
    Shari : )

  2. Katja, thinking about you… You have so many friends who love and support you. We’re here for you. Sending you a ((((( hug!)))))

  3. It’s a long story as to how I ended up here on your blog, but we’ll save that for when you are feeling better.
    Until then, know my prayers are with you.

  4. I wish you the absolute best and I hope you’re feeling better soon. I am glad this was caught before anything more serious could happen. You are in my thoughts!

  5. Katja,
    Just read about your condition.
    Hope that you get better soon. I’m sure you will get a clean bill of health

  6. My thoughts and prayers go out to you for a quick and 100% recovery. Rest and relax. Your body needs your full attention right now. We’ll all be here when you’re healthy and strong again.

  7. Katja,
    Take it easy. Put the computer away, already! And rest. Get your health back. You have been through enough.

  8. Moi! Haluatkos että käymme vanhempiesi luona vääntämässä rautalangasta? Voimia Sinulle ja älä murehdi mistään!! t. Marja & pojat

  9. Katja, you will make lemonade of this too. Rest, get your health back, that’s the only thing that matters!

  10. From all of us at BabySpot.com

    We hope you get better!!! Rest and take care of yourself.

    See you soon

  11. Hon, I’m not trying to scare you – but this is *very* serious. I’m glad they are keeping you there.

    Please have someone communicate how serious to your folks. I know in my case, when I was in critical condition in the hospital, my husband had tried to reassure my family with “she’s okay, she’ll be fine” when there was no such guarantee and in fact, high odds I wouldn’t be.

    It wasn’t until they visited me in the ICU the next day that they actually knew how bad off I had been. Meanwhile, I wondered why no one had even called.

    Your post yesterday was really a brave front – but it can give someone the wrong impression. This is a very serious condition and I’m EXTREMELY glad you are in the hospital.

    To be honest – I don’t know that you’re going to be okay by BlogHer. I’ll pray that you are – but there’s a high chance you won’t be up for it yet by then. I wish I’d known about all of this the other night – I would’ve told you to put off buying tickets and all :(

    Please call me or have your husband call me if there’s ANYTHING at all that I can do. You should still have my number.


    Please just take care of yourself and don’t push it, okay?

  12. Wow, hang in there and rest, rest, rest. Hope you are doing better real soon.

  13. Keep trying to rest and know you have all of us thinking about you, sending good vibes and prayers. You’re a tough chick!!!!

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