I think I’ll live

Yesterday I was still resisting the pain medication, and refused to take the pain, sleeping and other “convenience” medicines just because I “might need it”. But later yesterday afternoon I understood that there is a time to be natural living advocate and then there is time just to take the drugs. And that time was here. I asked the nurses to put me in a pain medication schedule now and just keep bringing it to me, even if I don’t ask for it. My lungs still feel tight and small, and the doctor suspected I was still getting new blood clots in my lungs yesterday, according the pain I experienced. But I was able to stand up so long that I was able to brush my teeth this morning… Yay, what a big step :) But really, it was for me. I know I’m getting better because 24 hours ago when the doctor visited I was just crying because I was not even able to speak up and say where it hurts. Today the doctor noticed my MacBook next to me (others have teddy bears, I cling to my MacBook) and we had a talk about differences between Macs and PCs. I don’t think I’m going home tomorrow, I’m lucky if I’ll make it home for 4th of July (which I don’t think will happen). It’s OK. I’m alive and still kicking, you won’t get rid of me that easily. But just for your information, I don’t have access to my hotmail e-mail address nor facebook. I try not to spend all the time on the computer, and also not able to answer all e-mails. I’m just watching Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray shows here and eating ice cream and smoothies all day long. I am able to talk (a little bit before I’m out of breath) – so if you want to call an e-mail or twitter me, and I’ll give you the number!
  1. Ai kun helpottaa, että Sulla on parempi olo!!! Toivottavasti myös vanhempasi jo ovat olleet yhteyksissä… Ja muuten uusi tukkatyyli on aivan loistava;) Ne kengät tekee joka tytön kateelliseksi!!! Parane ja muista olla tunkematta liian aikaisin kotiin vaan keräät voimat takaisin kunnolla ja sitten vasta; vaikka sairaalassa aina onkin niin tylsää, mutta silti!! Halauksin Marja & pojat

  2. oh honey, i’m glad you are accepting the drugs and letting your body heal. and am glad to hear you are getting better even if it is little by little. it will all add up. :)
    big hugs.

  3. Awww- Haven’t you been complaining of breathing issues for a few weeks now, I am so sorry that it was that bad, you poor thing. I hope you feel better soon, definitely not what you need in the middle of a move. Take care sweetie- the haircut is adorable.

  4. Just read this and heard that you were sick. That is so scary. Thinking of you and wishing you the best.

  5. Oh wow! I wish I could give you a huge hug. That is SO very scary!

    My daughter was put on birth control pills for an ovarian cyst and landed in the hospital as well. Her oxygen levels were really low and her blood tests showed a high coagulation level (I believe that’s what the test was…can’t remember now).

    They assumed it was the birth control and told her to stop the pills. It was obviously not nearly as severe as your situation but it scared me to death.

    I won’t go near birth control pills myself ever.

    I’m thinking of you and wishing you well. Take care of yourself, heal and get strong!


  6. You’re right. There are times to take the meds so that you can get some pain free sleep, which is when your body heals itself. I understand your desire to not take a pill for every little pain or discomfort, but in this case, you did the right thing. Now you can manage the pain and sleep.

    Thanks for the updates. But don’t worry, we can catch up later, too. We’re not going anywhere. Just get better.

  7. Anna, en muista sun e-mail os ja en pääse hotmailiin kirjautumaan. Suora numero huoneeseen on:
    ysi seiska nolla seiska kuus neljä yx nolla yx neljä

  8. Glad you’re OK, girl! Wow… how effective can the IUD be if I know TWO people using it who have gotten pregnant? It’s supposed to be a million to one, isn’t it?

    Try Nuvaring?

  9. I am so glad and relieved that you are getting better. When you get a chance call me or e-mail me your number, I have news for you…


  10. Darn that was me up there, Ms. anonymous who hit the enter key before putting my info in.

    Hopefully I gave you something to laugh at. No, I didn’t do it on purpose. This is the real me….

  11. All the best to you and a quick healing. I’m glad you gave yourself the space to take care of your needs in the moment.

  12. OK so now I know what’s going on. I’m praying for you & sending you lots of cyber (((HUGS)))too. Glad you started the pain meds, no sense in being in pain if you don’t have to.

    Eat as much ice-cream as you want, Dr. Connie’s orders! Hang in there. There’s lots of love flowing all over the blogosphere to you & your family.

  13. They ask what is your pain level between 1-10, I said this would be 12 but I’ve had three kids so I guess it’s 8 :)

  14. You poor thing. I’ve have several blood clots in my legs and the pain is horrible. I’d rather have a baby! So if you have them in your lungs, oh, my! I’m all about natural but you’re right…there is a point! Praying for you.

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