Boho magazine has arrived

Boho has arrived – a new magazine for bohemian women. I love magazines, and used to subscribe several different publications from Home & Garden to VOGUE, and from Yachts International to Architectural Digest. Yes, everything from do-it-yourself home deco to getting inspiration from the most extravagant homes around the world. I wanted to know what’s happening on the runways – and how to get the “look” without spending a fortune. While of course dreaming, that one day I will cruise the oceans with one of the finds I already picked from the Yachts magazine. You know, just in case, if someday I really had a fortune. Lately I haven’t been reading magazines as I used to – I tend to seek my news, tips, advice and fashion finds online, and thinking I’m saving the Earth too by not consuming the magazines. But a stroll at the Barnes & Nobles magazine section proved to be a fortunate one. I found a new gem – a new magazine just deputing with the first ever issue. Boho. For Boho Girls.  

But who is the mysterious Boho Girl? The magazine reveals..

… I say: me! Boho’s pages (and I should mention: the non-glossy pages, since the magazine is made of 100% recycled paper) are filled with the things I just adore. Fashion made of recycled materials, flea-market-find-outfits, the newest and trendiest shoe obsessions, make up tips for the new me, runway reports, interesting interviews..

…features of handmade jewelry, real life style interviews, inspiration and everything for a girl who wants to embrace the green living while being ultimately trendy.

… and an invitation to be part of the magazine! “Think you have great personal style? We are looking for real girls with individual style.” The magazine is looking for girls like you and me to show the unique styles of ours for a chance to win a feature in the Boho magazine. If you think you’ve got individual style, contact Boho magazine.  

  1. I collect first issues. I’m not at all into this e-worship stuff, but it’s a darn handsome magazine marketing to all the trendy greenies. So I bought it today for my collection. About which I blog.

  2. This looks like a great magazine. I am going to see if I can find out to look at it more closely.

  3. I don't know if B&N down here in podunk VA would be carrying it, but I'll make sure I have a browse after payday. Always looking for interesting new reading material.

  4. As an indie designer who has handmade pieces, I think this is a great magazine and will learn more about it! I would love to get my pieces in here!

  5. Glad to see you are a fan of BOHO magazine. You and I came across it at the same time and I am so excited about the focus on “green” designing (as I am a “green” artist using reclaimed material for my jewelry collection). Great post Katja and proud to be a business partner with you as well! Goes to show that “green” can be as fashionable as it is responsible.

  6. Ooooh this looks good! I love that boho girl credo! And yes, that scar on my forehead does add character. It is so nice to find a magazine I would acutally want to be featured in. Just hope they start using some real women’s figures for their models. Maybe the dove girls? Just saying.

    She aspires to her dreams, she lives through her passions, she is a world changer. You go boho girl.


  7. Thanks for sharing – this looks like a magazine I might actually enjoy reading. I’m always looking for new inspiration for our baby line. Plus, this is especially timely since we recently launched our organic cotton onesie line and I’m now busy designing the new b*Fab collection, working with organic cotton and bamboo.

    Can’t wait to check out the mag.

  8. i am so excited about this magazine! this is the kind of mag i would actually WANT to read…and more importantly…WANT to be featured in!

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention…you rock!


  9. Oh oh oh I need that! I’m so sick of “women’s magazines” bringing to mind Cosmo and Glamour.

    I’d much rather have magazines like Pink, Bust and now Boho.

    Please tell me they’re going to feature REAL women and not the cookie cutter anorexics we see enough of those as it is.

  10. That Seed Media is behind this is comforting, but as for the magazine, I find it a little disconcerting that they would bill themselves right on the cover as “fashion’s first eco magazine” when dozens of others have come before it, like Foam, Lunch, or Sublime… It’s a little presumptuous, and disrespectful of the pioneers who forged the way for their New Jersey attempt at a green fashion outing.

    I’ll say this, the paper and the printing is quite nice, the cover model a little too devilish… and who is she, what has she done? Is she a rising star on the green modeling scene?

    I suspect Boho will find its target market with the women who shop at Whole Foods. But is it really “green” other than its surface sheen? None of the names on the masthead ring a bell in the green fashion world.

    There is a Harvey Wasserman on the masthead, but I asked Harvey, and it’s not him. Now, it would have been awesome to have one of the anti-nuclear movement’s prime movers be on staff… because green was “so last year”… it’s all anti-nuke now!

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