Ford SYNC in Plain English

As a multitasking mom I admit – sometimes I do conference calls when picking up kids from school and sometimes, gasp, I ever talk on phone without my headset while driving. I try not to do this, but well, life happens, and I don’t have bluetooth for my iPhone, and cordless headset just happens to get tangled a few times a day….

But I hear there is a solution even better than getting a bluetooth… so you don’t actually need your hands at all for things like taking phone calls or adjusting music while you’re driving.

How about a car that you can talk to?

That is my plain English explanation of SYNC, an in-car technology that is completely voice activated. You can do things like make a phone call, control your MP3 player, listen to text messages, all while focusing on driving safe, and keeping your eyes on the road. The geek in me appreciates the technology part, but the mom in me loves how the SYNC system makes driving safer.

I like this video of Ford SYNC in Plain English by Common Craft and it makes me want to take a better look at this new technology. Do you already have a car equipped with SYNC technology? If so, I would love to hear your experiences, it really intrigues me.

You can also learn more about the Microsoft developed SYNC at SyncMyRide.com, or go and check out the latest cars with SYNC at your local Ford, Licoln & Mercury dealers.

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