3 Reasons Why I’m Excited about Meeting Brooke Burke

February 22, 2009 Katja Presnal

3 Reasons Why I’m Excited about Meeting Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke, DWTS, Dancing with the stars, Brooke dancing, Brooke Burke model Photo: ABC/KELSEY McNEAL

I have to admit… before the last season of Dancing with the Stars, I had no idea who Brooke Burke was. In fact, when I heard she was going to be in the same VIP event with me on Tuesday, I still had to google her, just to make sure I remembered the DWTS star’s name correctly… But now I have three reasons, why am very excited meeting her. 1. Brooke Burke won the Dancing With The Stars. Me and my kids are huge fans of Dancing With The Stars, and the show makes me want to be a Star, just so they could ask me to be on the show. I did ballroom dancing when I was a kid until I was around 18 years old, and just love, love, love dancing. You could just tell how passionate about dancing Brooke is too.

Brooke Burke, DWTS, Dancing with the stars, Brooke dancing, Brooke Burke model

2. Brooke Burke is a Mompreneur Brooke, a mother of four, has her own business Baboosh Baby. Her products are every mom essentials, like stretch-mark prevention oil and belly wraps. See, she wants offer moms the best products available, just like me.

Brooke Burke, DWTS, Dancing with the stars, Brooke dancing, Brooke Burke model, Baboosh Baby

3. Brooke Burke is a Mommy Blogger I kid you not. Brooke has a Baboosh Baby blog, where she shares her DWTS experience, her journey of motherhood and even potty training success – just like any other mommy blogger. Well, almost, if you don’t count in that the rest of us aren’t TV stars nor dancers in the DWTS (yet – ABC, maybe next season?). , ,

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  1. My husband has had a huge crush on Brooke Burke for years. We have a standing joke that if he ever had the opportunity to spend time with her I’d give him a pass. Aside from the fact that she is insanely gorgeous and has an amazing body after birthing so many kids, she seems really genuine, down to earth and kind-hearted.

  2. All good reasons to be excited!!! And, I secretly want to know Brooke’s secret to being a mom of 4 and looking amazing as she does – and blogging life as she does being soooo genuine! If it means going on DWTS to get into that shape, where do I sign up??

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