My friends, me and Brooke Burke & Scary Spice Mel B. in LA – and on TV!

February 26, 2009 Katja Presnal

My friends, me and Brooke Burke & Scary Spice Mel B. in LA – and on TV!

Brooke Burke and moi. And like the tradition goes, I’m sharing that I’m wearing a red velvet dress by Ralph Lauren, and strappy sandals by Guess. No idea who Brooke is wearing, but she looked fabulous.

I arrived home from my first ever trip to California, and I am proudly reporting that I saw a glimpse of Hollywood – and Hollywood saw a glimpse of me. I even appeared (very briefly!) on the CBS’ THE INSIDER TV show. Scroll down the see the clip, and yes, I am on it, for the very end of it, and approximately for one second, but who’s counting, the point is, that I was on national TV. Right?

Anna, Brooke Burke, Mel B. and Cheryl

The red carpet Premiere event of A Woman’s World was held at the Coco De Ville, and the real stars of the night were not Brooke Burke and Mel B. (yes, Mel B. of Spice Girls!), not even the gorgeous mommy bloggers, but four women, Anna, Cheryl, Maya and Nikki, who are the stars of the “Only In A Woman’s World” series. I can not wait to tell me more about these four ladies and about their webisodes and what all they will be up to in the future (come and visit my blog again on Sunday, and you will hear more). Anna, Cheryl, Maya and Nikki threw a heck of a party (for cartoon characters)! They all had signature drinks, and signature snacks (stay tuned, more info coming of Frito-Lays new healthy snacks for women) and introduced us to their celeb friends.

Photos: WireImage, C. Rodgers & John Shearer

Brooke Burke was so down to earth, so nice to talk with, and I wish I had had more time to talk to her and hear more about her company Baboosh Baby (which by the way she didn’t even slightly try to promote to me, but I asked her about). We talked about being mompreneurs, about blogging, Twitter and about Dancing With The Stars – she said it was hard work to be in the show, but she loved every minute of it. Mel B. of Spice Girls, another Dancing With The Stars contestant, was also in the party. She said she loves her new cartoon friends, they are so funny. She thinks every woman should have 3-4 best friends, with whom she can share things, laugh and who can support each others. I asked what she enjoys doing with her friends, and Mel B. said she loves going out for a hike, or having good ol’ English tea and biscuits with her friends. Or having a good work out session with her friends. Mel B’s new work out DVD Totally Fit just came out, and just seeing how awesome Mel B. looked, I might be looking into that pretty soon… I agree with Mel B. and Brooke Burke, all women need girlfriends. And the red carpet event wouldn’t have been anything if I hadn’t been there with some of my best girlfriends, Andrea, Lori and Christine.

Check out the clip from the party:
via The Insider

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  1. Katja

    It was awesome trip – and the makeup – it was all Christine, she helped all of us to get glammed up.

  2. SHUT UP! You looked amazing, the whole trip and everything looked like so much fun. I will the get the deets from you, ASAP! How cool and wish I was there but looked like a blast!

  3. Wowzer! You girls look totally glam with gorgeous make up too! I’m so excited about your trip and to keep hearing more details. Love the true “red carpet” photos you shared. I couldn’t be more happy for you and all the amazing opportunities that are coming your way. You deserve it all. Enjoy it and keep sharing about it all on your blog. xo col :)

  4. OMG! How fabulous you girls looked. What a fabulous event to be invited to.

    Okay what is that product Brooke Burke designed and sells?

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