Living Your Dream: Happiness Awaits

Guest post by Jill Pursell When I saw the chance for a guest post on Katja’s blog I was elated and eager to contact her. This opportunity is amazing and I am so appreciative for this chance! This post is going tell you how I am going to live my dream. I know many people want to say that, but things stand in their way. Whether it is time, patience or outside factors it’s just tough to live your dream. Through this I also want anyone reading this to realize that it’s worth it to go for your dream- take the time, make the effort it can really pay off in the end. I have been an Internet marketer/social media/pr associate for a company for two years now. This is a great job as I get to network, meet people and talk- which I love to talk, but it’s lacking something and to go to work everyday not loving life then it’s not worth it in my opinion. I have put my heart and soul into this job, and have come out still longing for more. Though, I never want to give up social media, it’ll have to be just for me from now on. In the end, what all this means is that I want my work to be enjoyable, something I love to do and something that in the end won’t feel like work. For my entire life I have been active. Whether it is traditional school sports or outdoor activities I love fitness and nutrition. I thought it’d be nice to get away from it for a bit and just have time to myself, I was wrong. Understanding this has now made my dream an even closer reality. At the end of the summer I plan on taking my test to become a certified personal trainer. This has been a goal of mine for years, but I thought it was out of reach and then I realized that when you want something it’s worth it- no matter the cost. I have now started the long road of textbooks and nutrition plans so that in the end I can live my dream. I will become a personal trainer and I want to focus my efforts on women- as being one I understand it’s just different. I am elated to realize this chance and the fact that my chance to be happy with my work is so close. Sometimes you just know when a change is necessary and for me 2009 is full of changes with getting married, becoming a resident of Canada and attempting a career change. As tough as it is to drop everything I hope that everyone who reads this realizes that if you can live your dream cherish it’s important. For those of you that do live your dream cherish it, you have millions of people that always wanted to, but haven’t yet. jill-pursellGuest post by Jill Pursell: “I am a typical twenty-four year old working in social media/internet marketer who is striving to live my dream.  Love being active and outside, but also love a good conversation with new friends.  I have worked online for two years now and am thankful that I can learn something new everyday.  The web that social media spins is fantastic and I am so happy to be caught up in the life.  I am a workout and fitness fanatic and one of my favorite places is Central Park on a nice warm day.  Thank you for reading my post- I am in the process of putting my own blog out there and once complete I’ll post on Twitter.  Feel free to follow me @JillPursell, love to connect!”

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