My Life as a Lifetime Movie

December 3, 2009 Katja Presnal

My Life as a Lifetime Movie

Movie Script 1. – The Married Girl A girl meets her true love in an Irish Pub in Germany. Lots of good-byes at international airports and “will they ever see each others again”. They get married and travel around the world together and have three kids in three different countries. The guy is a rescue helicopter pilot on the mountains, but they decide to move to New York where the girl is voted to be on the Hot Blogger Calendar, and ultimately lands her dream media job.

Movie Script 2. – The Single Girl A girl looses her dream media job in New York. Lots of trying to find a new one and “what will she do”. She moves to the mountains, and meets the search and rescue station guys and wants to help them to raise money. She suggests that they do a “Calendar Girl” type of calendar of the rescue guys. Ultimately she learns what true love is. Which one it’s gonna be? If you vote for Movie Script 1 – you should contact Lifetime Movie Network and tell them to make a movie of my life. But helluva easier is to tune on Lifetime TV channel on Saturday December 5th at 9PM EST to watch the 12 Men of Christmas, Lifetime’s holiday movie worth watching. Full disclosure: I got the man of my dreams (not pictured) and a review copy of 12 Men of Christmas (1 man pictured).

Katja Presnal

Katja Presnal shows how to live Nordic inspired life to the fullest and plan your dream life. Katja owns Presnal5 strategic marketing intelligence agency and wants to help marketing professionals to combine a dream career and dream life via freelance work. Katja is an award-winning marketing strategist, and a well-known speaker. Katja has lived in five different countries, and seven states in the USA. Her three children were all born in different countries within three years. When not working or jet-setting the world, Katja is at home cooking big family dinners. She has been featured in NY Times, Glamour, Redbook, Fodor's, Forbes and Woman's Day magazines among many other national and international publications and written for MTV3 and Lifetime TV networks.

Comments (8)

  1. Naomi

    I was kind of wondering why you would ever go rappelling naked…but, really, I think that guy should all the time. Definitely.

  2. Lauralee Hensley

    Sorry, brain glitch again, meant to type our guys and not are guys. Probably going to get a bad headache soon. Always do stupid things like that just before I start to get a pounder.

  3. Lauralee Hensley

    Hey, how about we all buy are guys gym memberships for Christmas, then maybe we could have the best of both scenario’s. Oh well, just dreaming, like I’m just dreaming of a white Christmas.

  4. OMG – I think I’m having hotflashes all over again!!! Of course #1 is the BEST scenario….but seriously…these are hotflashes.

  5. Katja

    :) I was looking at the photos for this post when Matt came home from work, and I could just see in his face “WTH are you doing”… Just research, just research for a blog post.

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