My Soul Was Telling Me to Sew

January 6, 2010 VIP Guest Blogger

My Soul Was Telling Me to Sew

In November 2008, I borrowed my parents sewing machine because I felt like I needed to sew. I wanted to learn, but I also had a deeper desire. Something within my soul was telling me to sew. Next thing I knew I was at home with 30 library books, staring at their sewing machine. And I am not even kidding. Thirty books. Most of them I didn’t even read because the teaching style wasn’t my style. My style?! I didn’t even know how to sew, how could I have a style?! But the books that did appeal to my style, ohhhhhh, those books did most of the teaching. Fast forward many YouTube tutorials, many practiced-on fat quarters, and many hours of crooked stitches. For Christmas 2008 my husband’s grandma gave me one of her sewing machines. I now had my own machine — there was no going back :) It was soon May 2009 and I was nearing 100 Etsy sales. Hello, meet Gussy. And meet my signature ruffle: Meet my blog, Gussy has a lot to say Meet me. In September I hit 200 Etsy sales. It is now January and I’m so close to 300. Yeow! I sew full-time. I also have another full-time job. I’m also a wife. I’m also living in a new state {Minnesota} that God literally showed to us in one weekend. Sewing has become so many outlets for me: creativity, friendship, communication, income. While those four areas are really important, they are listed in order of importance. I can not get enough of sewing. I can not get enough of the fabrics I buy, the ruffles I sew, and the love of sewing that has blossomed literally overnight for me. I love to learn and my Gussy products are a dream I never knew I had, yet are a dream come true all at the same time. I have a small inkling where this could go, but I’m hanging low and praying a lot!!! I’m in awe of this chapter of my life. I pray it stays a part of my life for many, many years. Sewing has become a much-needed creative outlet. It is a job that feels more like a hobby. The hours I sew fly by like minutes as the hum of my machine reminds me of the incredibly sweet friends I’ve met. To sum it up: Gussy is blessed. Written by Maggie Whitley of Gussy has a lot to say – and her post already told about her, but there is so much more… You can also find her at Twitter @maggiewhitley

This post is part of Blissdom Conference ticket giveaway.

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Comments (13)

  1. Maggie, I sooooo want you to win this ticket! This would be so awesome for you!

    I really think BIG things are coming for Gussy!

  2. OMG- I luv your story- it is so inspiring, gave me goosebumps… I have been wanting to learn to sew because I luv designing my own little outfits and I would luv to make my daughter original little pieces as well- I just haven’t found the time- hopefully one day I will and can have a story of my own to tell- even if it’s a disastrous one! Keep up the gr8 work those bags are adorable :)

  3. Girl, I once had that sewing bug hit me. Made a quilt for my mom and then I was able to squash the bug :D Don’t know how you do all this!

    Mandy – you’ll get your wish! Gussy, meet Mandy – one of our roommates. Mandy meet Gussy ;)

    Good luck to both of you in winning the ticket!

  4. Loved your post and your bags and pouches. I can feel your energy in both! I hope you win the ticket.

  5. Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia}

    Loved this post, Maggie! And I think we both know how much I love your Gussy pouches. ;) Can’t wait to see what exciting things come up for you next!


  6. Lisa

    I love when life gives us our “Ta-Da” moments. Now to find my Ta-da. I bought a sweing machine year ago and have done Nada with it, I have tried knitting, chrochet.
    I think your stuff is pretty cool.

  7. Amy

    Great post, thanks for introducing us to “Gussy”. I keep telling my husband that I want a sewing machine. I too would have to surround myself with books, because I haven’t sewn since I was in middle school Home-Ec class. :-)

  8. Very cute!! If you win this ticket you have to take a whole slew of these little purses with you. The women will do gah-gah for them!!!

    My machine is currently BROKEN. I am lost. This is the time of year I want to be crafting. Need to find a shop to take it to, but I haven’t seen any advertisements in this town for a shop. Guess I’ll have to call around!

    Good luck in the contest!!

    Going to fave your store on Etsy right now!

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