South Dakota, My Home

January 7, 2010 VIP Guest Blogger

South Dakota, My Home

Throughout my travels I am often asked where I am from. My response gets looks of sympathy and sometimes horror when I say, South Dakota. There was a time when I couldn’t wait to get out of this place. I had big dreams of graduating from college and leaving this state. I was born and raised here, but I longed for the life of a big city. Ten years later I am still here. Before I had the chance to make my great escape I fell in love. Suddenly it didn’t matter what my address was. Three daughters later, I have no regrets. I don’t ever feel like I gave up on my big dreams. My dreams just started to change a little bit. I don’t live on the beach and I can’t go to the theatre for the latest production. Wal-mart and Target are an hour and a half away. But, none of that matters. Every morning that I wake up is a new adventure. I think about my childhood, I remember playing Ditch in the Dark until bedtime, packing a picnic into a little red wagon with the neighborhood kids, and meeting at the big tree for a game of baseball (even the girls got to play). I started living life to the fullest as a young girl, I am still not sure what I was trying to escape from. We are trying to create an unforgettable childhood for our kids. Someday if they try to escape from this place, I hope they can look back and remember: riding bike to City Park to draw, camping at the river with our friends or in our backyard as a family, and riding horse in the beautiful rolling hills of South Dakota. I think about the Dr Seuss poem, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”. Who would have known that my poem of life would read, “Oh, the Places You’ll Stay.”

Post by Amy Thue. Amy is a writer, traveler, crafter, chef , baker, chauffeur, singer, story-teller, and memory maker, but most importantly she is a wife and mother. When she isn’t blogging at Girlfriends Get Real or Unforgettable Childhood she is refereeing the drama that comes with three girls in the house. When she gets a moment she can be found with her nose in a book or online planning out her family’s next adventure. Amy can be found on twitter as @AmyThue.

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Comments (17)

  1. Denise

    I would have never guessed that I would have ended up living in SD…Growing up in Oregon where there are mountains and trees, and the ocean isn’t that far away…it was never my dream to live in the plains:) It is so interesting how life takes twists and turns that we maybe never counted on. Life IS an adventure, that is for sure:) I really am glad that I don’t know everything that is up ahead…it certainly makes life interesting that way!! My favorite tv show growing up was Little House on the Prairie…and now, that title has become my life!! haha

  2. I can bet that if you did leave there for any length of time, all you would want was to go back.
    Beautiful girls!

  3. Misti Henderson

    There is nothing better than living in a small rural town. We had to leave South Dakota, because of my husband’s military career and always put SD as a place to be stationed, when we didn’t get that, we made it as the top of our list and have never regretted moving back to South Dakota and raising our children here. It is a Wonderful place to be!

  4. I live in a small rural town in KY and have lived here the majority of my life. I, like you, can remember a time in life wanting nothing more than to escape the monotony of small town living, though I confess to missing it desperately the short time did live away. Fantastic post! Enjoyed it!

  5. Christi Schaefbauer

    Wonderful Post! Reminds me of all the reasons why I love it here too.

  6. Mary Jo

    That was so well-put, Amy. Coming to live in South Dakota was like going back in time in a way. My favorite part is the small town Fourth of July celebrations. I would love to hear you blog on that someday.

  7. Lori Lahr

    Loved your article! You are a very talented writer. Your pics are so cute, also.

  8. It sounds heavenly to me! My husband and I visited South Dakota back in 94 and we thought it was a gorgeous state. All of the rocks sparkled!

  9. Cheryl Conrad

    Your writing ability never ceases to amaze me. You certainly didn’t get it from me. = ) Reading of your childhood adventures brought a smile to my face as I too remember those days. You are such a blessing and I love you!

  10. Sara

    There is nothing better than growing up in small town, rural America. I also hope that as the kids become adults they can go out to explore the world but will always remember our memories made in South Dakota. Love you – Sara

  11. “My dreams just started to change a little bit.” – Love that!
    Your girls are beautiful and I know that you give them fanastic birthday parties!
    I hope you can come to Blissdom!

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